Stephanie Davis turns to fans for help after her baby son suffers multiple nosebleeds

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  • Stephanie Davis turned to her fans for help on social media, after waking up to find her son had suffered a nosebleed.

    The concerned mum-of-one took to Instagram last night to see if her followers might know the cause of Caben-Albi’s problem.

    ‘Do any mummies with one year olds have nose bleeds??,’ she asked.

    ‘Caben’s been having a few and worried, going to take him the doctor’s tomorrow.’

    Stephanie then appealed for any parents who have found themselves in a similar situation to get in touch.

    She added: ‘Any one who’s dealt with this let me know.’

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    When some enquired as to whether her baby boy might be under the weather with a virus, Stephanie revealed that Caben-Albi had actually had three nosebleeds in a short space of time.

    ‘No he’s not had a cold, he’s had one in bed in the middle of the night which was horrible to turn the light on to, one in the car today and one just now in the swimming baths,’ she added.

    Many quickly rushed to her aid, prompting Stephanie to later express her gratitude towards anyone who’d been in contact.

    ‘Received hundreds of messages tonight,’ she gushed. ‘Thank you all so much for your love and support.’

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    If your little one suffers from¬†nosebleeds¬†like Stephanie’s son, don’t panic. There are a number of things you can do to help.

    To stop the bleed, sit your child down and tilt their head forward – this will encourage the blood to drain from the nose.

    If they are old enough, you can also ask them to pinch the flesh below bridge of their nose for 10 minutes while breathing through their mouth.

    Tell them to avoid coughing and sneezing to stop the clots from dislodging.

    It’s also advisable to teach your children when they are old enough what to do to ensure they stay calm if they have a nosebleed while they’re not with you.