Confessions of a teacher: The weirdest comments parents have EVER made

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  • Teachers have a tough job. Shaping the minds of young people all day every day can be pretty exhausting – especially when if the pupils aren’t always on their best behaviour.

    But every now and again it’s not the children who are the most difficult to deal with…occasionally it can be the parents!

    We know there’s so such thing as a perfect parent – or a perfect child for that matter – but sometimes, when mums and dads get called in, they can come out with very bizarre, awkward and sometimes hilarious responses to teacher’s queries.

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    We’ve found some of the funniest, strangest and scariest things real teachers have ever heard from the parents of their pupils…

    1. ‘The reason my son is not doing so well in geography is because he is a Gemini’

    Are you sure it’s not the fact that they haven’t done their homework for a month?

    2. ‘Please will you take my daughter to the dentist?’

    Because teacher’s don’t already have enough to do.

    3. ‘My son has a sore bum hole so could you put some cream on it at lunchtime?’

    No no no no no no no please no.

    4. ‘Sorry my daughter hasn’t done her homework this weekend it’s because she got a pug and hasn’t put it down since’

    You can’t argue with that.

    5. ‘I know he is a handful, do you have any tips on how to raise him?’

    Parenting is not actually part of the job description

    6. ‘Please would you give my daughter an after school detention on Wednesday instead of today so I can go to my hair appointment?’

    Someone’s got their priorities sorted.

    7. ‘Ring his dad, I am on the f***ing beach trying to have some time to myself!’

    That’s a bit rude.

    8. ‘Why aren’t you organising for the students to sleep over in case it snows?’

    Because believe it or not, teachers don’t actually want to sleep in school?

    9. ‘My son hasn’t learnt to use the toilet yet so if you could teach him that would be great’

    Like teachers don’t have planning, marking, meetings and actual teaching to be getting on with.

    10. ‘Can she be excused from P.E because she had a spray tan and sweat would ruin it?’

    Nice try, but no.

    11. ‘Please can my daughter have 4 days off because her pet goat died?’

    It’s a shame, but four days?

    12. ‘My child didn’t have his gym socks because he wanted to make sock puppets at the weekend and gym socks are the best for sock puppets’

    In his defence, he’s not wrong about the gym socks making good puppets.

    13. ‘My son didn’t do his homework because David Attenborough’s Africa was educational enough for one night’

    That’s not quite how it works.

    14. ‘Can my child be excused from PE? Her leg keeps “going away from her…”‘

    Just… what?

    Are you a teacher with some shocking stories to share? Let us know in the comments below!