The BEST gender reveal photos ever!

It doesn't matter whether you're expecting your first, second or fifth child, revealing the sex of your baby to your loved ones, can be one of the most exciting moments! And, you can get seriously creative with your gender reveals! So, make your gender reveal really special and take inspiration from these adorable ideas that tell the world the news in a special and memorable way

Gender reveal ideas

It doesn't matter whether you're expecting your first, second or fifth child, revealing the sex of your baby to your loved ones, can be one of the most exciting moments! And, you can get seriously creative with your gender reveals! So, make your gender reveal really special and take inspiration from these adorable ideas that tell the world the news in a special and memorable way

It doesn't matter whether you're expecting your first, second or fifth child - if you decide to find out whether it's a little girl or boy, revealing the sex of your baby to your loved ones can be one of the most exciting moments of your pregnancy (opens in new tab)!

It used to be that you’d just give everyone a call or tell them in person, but now more and more expectant couples are coming up with seriously creative ways to tell the world (well, their Facebook pages, at least) that it’s a boy or a girl.

There are all sorts of gender reveal ideas out there, from elaborate projects that would take weeks to set up, to simple options that you can put together and share within the hour, and we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourites to give you all of the inspiration you need to make the moment really special. Whether you want to shout it out with pink or blue balloons, cut a specially coloured cake or cookie, or get the whole family involved in a paint fight, there’s an ingenious gender reveal idea in this collection that you’ll love!

You can choose to keep the gender a surprise and create a clever way for your friends and family to tell you, or wow them all with an announcement of your own - the choice is yours. Some people even throw a whole party around their gender reveals, so everyone can find out and share the excitement at the same time.

So, you’ve got all of the inspiration you need - how will YOU choose to break the happy news? Click through the gallery and leave us a comment to let us know which of these gender reveals you like the most... or if you had an even better idea that you want to let us know about!

The cutest cupcakes...

We love the heart design hidden in the centre of these cupcakes, which are topped with multicoloured icing to keep the mystery alive until the very last moment.

However, this idea only works if you want to know the gender beforehand, or have a trustworthy friend who's handy with a bag of flour!

Image: Dessert Now Dinner Later (opens in new tab)

...or one big slice!

Gender reveal ideas

If little cakes aren't your thing, try a three tiered number, with ombre shades of blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

You can either make the cake yourself, or get your ultrasound technician to seal the secret into an envelope which you can hand directly to the bakery. Just make sure you ask for gender-neutral icing on the outside.

Image: Ashley Brooke Designs (opens in new tab)

Take a bite

Gender reveal ideas

Onesie cookies with special sprinkles inside? We're sold.

Your friends and family will be dying to break into one and find out what colour is inside!

Image: Craftstorming (opens in new tab)

Pop a pinata

Gender reveal ideas

Fill a homemade or shop-bought pinata with glitter or confetti, and find a pretty spot to pop it and take a photo.

This happy couple are expecting a girl - will it be pink or blue inside yours?

Image: Funny Beautiful (opens in new tab)

Sparkly surprise

Gender reveal ideas

Sibling on the scene? Fill their hands with appropriately coloured glitter and let them throw it with abandon (like you usually tell them not to!)

The resulting snap will be perfect for posting to relatives or uploading to Facebook to share your happy news.

Image: All Of Life's Little Adventures (opens in new tab)

Blow it up

Gender reveal ideas

Balloons are a classic gender reveal idea, but they work great for photoshoots, or parties where you've got a big crowd who all want to see the big moment.

You can get printable templates for the cardboard box from sites like Etsy, or get creative with marker pens and glue yourself.

Image: Etsy (opens in new tab)

Send scratchcards

Gender reveal ideas

How sweet are these gender reveal scratchcards? You can order a batch online, choosing whether you want to boy or girl spot to be 'correct', and pop them in the post.

The congratulations phone calls will soon start rolling in...

Image: notonthehighstreet (opens in new tab)

Fit for royalty

Gender reveal ideas

Expecting a little princess? This tiara announcement is original, but classic enough that it won't date.

You could always find a sturdier looking 'crown' for a similar boy reveal.

Image: BabyCentre (opens in new tab)

Do it with a bang!

Gender reveal ideas

Well here's one we haven't seen before! Fill a balloon with pink or blue paint, fix it to a board, and let your guests throw darts or shoot toy arrows at it until it pops.

Just make you're you're standing far back enough to not get splattered!

Image: Sweet Miles (opens in new tab)

Sweet and simple

Gender reveal ideas

A layout of typical boys or girls items teamed with a shot of your scan on a clean white background makes a lovely announcement for your social media accounts.

You could also use baby toys, shoes or bottles for a twist on this design.

Image: Instagram (opens in new tab)

Say the word

Gender reveal ideas

This scrabble tile shot is inexpensive to create, but makes a really effective picture.

You could follow the theme through and use the tiles to announce the baby's name when they arrive as well.

Image: Brainjet (opens in new tab)

Bubbled up

Gender reveal ideas

If you're prepared to get a bit sticky in the name of a gender reveal idea, this is the photo for you! Mum and dad blow different coloured bubbles, and the incorrect colour gets popped.

If it's baby number one, you get to pop each other's gum (hey, why should the little ones get all the fun?!)

Image: Always Wear Blush (opens in new tab)

Party with paint!

Gender reveal ideas

Bubblegum not messy enough for you? Telling the world with paint is another super fun option that the whole family can get involved with.

Some couples even choose to have a friend fill opaque squirt guns with pink or blue paint and spray each other to find out the news themselves.

Image: The Bump (opens in new tab)

Alcohol free fizz

Gender reveal ideas

Don't worry, that's not REAL bubbles - you've got a few months to go yet before you can have a tipple.

These clever fizzers can actually be popped in any clear beverage, changing the water to the ordered colour to reveal the gender of your baby - a fab addition to a reveal party, if you make everyone drop theirs in at the same time.

Image: Etsy (opens in new tab)

Find out with flowers

Flower gender reveal photo

Use a blue bunch for a boy, or pink for a girl.

This couple did two photoshoots - one when each of them was pregnant, years apart - so you could keep up the tradition with later pregnancies and create a gorgeous series of snaps.

Image: Instagram/therealmelroy

Baby steps

Gender reveal ideas

Is there anything cuter than a pair of tiny baby shoes?

All you need for this easy gender reveal idea is some helium balloons and a raid of the shoerack, but the finished product looks like it took you ages!

Image: BabyCentre (opens in new tab)

Return to sender

Gender reveal ideas

A handwritten card really has the personal touch - ideal for proud grandmas and grandpas to be.

You can make a similar card yourself, but there are loads of thoughtful premade cards available online if papercraft isn't your forte.

Image: Making Nice In The Midwest (opens in new tab)

Pick a prop

Gender reveal ideas

An umbrella gender announcement makes for an adorable image.

Plus, you don't even have to do your hair and make up for the photo!

Image: Etsy (opens in new tab)


Gender Reveal Ideas

Science buffs, this is the gender reveal for you. Use XX for a girl and XY for a boy - black and white, but a colour shot would be cute too.

There's lots of variations - we've seen mums who've got the whole family involved and painted the chromosomes on their tummies too.

Image: Tumblr (opens in new tab)

Spray it, don't say it!

Gender reveal ideas

This idea will be a favourite with gender reveal party guests of young and old.

Buy silly string in pink or blue, depending on the gender of your little one, and remove the labels so no one knows what colour is inside. Count down from three, and let everyone go wild - their reaction faces will be priceless...

Image: Front Porch Sittin' With The Fentons (opens in new tab)

Perfect present

Gender reveal ideas

Wrapping your bump up in a corresponding-coloured bow makes for a beautiful gender reveal photo.

Expectant mums of twins could tie one ribbon around the top of the bump, and another around the bottom.

Image: Pixalillie (opens in new tab)

Family portrait

best gender reveal photos

Doesn't this little girl looks like she's ready to be a big sister already?

A family photo might seem like a more traditional option than some, but it'll become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Image: Sara Schmutz (opens in new tab)


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