Well, that didn’t go as planned – the most ungrateful kids we’ve seen!

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  • Do you ever catch yourself thinking ‘why do I bother?’ when you try to do something nice for your kids? We’re sure these parents can empathise – they haven’t exactly got the most appreciative brood themselves!

    There’s always a new toy they want or somewhere they want to go and keeping up with it can be difficult, and then there’s the cost of it all. But you’d do anything to see those little cherubs happy, are we right?

    Watch as these children are given surprises, good news or gifts but react with something a little short of a smile!

    1. So you think this Christmas present is good enough? Think again

    2. If there’s one thing this kid doesn’t want it’s another sibling


    3. We bet these parents thought they had planned a dream holiday, until they got this reaction

    4. You would think kids would be excited about being taken to Disneyland…

    5. Imagine being so rude as to be having a girl! This big brother ain’t happy


    6. Imagine your child telling President Obama this, ouch!


    7. He got a car for his 16th birthday and it really doesn’t go down as well as you might expect

    8. This is priceless, these kids aren’t pleased at all with a new pet puppy

    9. Imagine spending this much money and getting this response…

    10. This little boy isn’t even interested in seeing his present!

    11. It’s one thing not liking your present, it’s another to do this with it

    12. We think this mum might just have been looking for this response

    13. How dare these parents have another child!

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