15 amazing loom band ideas: what can you make with loom bands?

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  • Loom bands are the latest craze to sweep the nation - well, playground. We've found 15 amazing ideas to turn them into beautiful and cool creations.

    What can you make with loom bands? Loom bands are the latest craze to sweep the nation – well, playground. Children (and their parents!) up and down the country are spending hours creating loom band bracelets, keyrings and loads of other rainbow coloured creations.

    The bracelets are made using a loom kit, or with fingers and even forks. You can pick up everything you need from your local toy store or online from places like Amazon. Packs of bands start from less than a £1 – so it’s a pretty cheap way to keep the kids happy.

    We’ve spotted loads of celebs wearing them too! I mean if it’s good enough for David Beckham, Fearne Cotton, Kate Middleton and Prince William…then it’s good enough for us.

    Are loom bands safe?

    As with any toy, parents should not leave children unattended. There are some concerns about some children using them as catapult weapons, with some schools banning them in classrooms and playgrounds, as we reported.

    Also, with younger children, there is a danger of choking or causing circulatory problems if children swallow or wrap them round their fingers for a long period of time.

    Follow these tips to keep your children safe:

    – Make sure children are supervised when playing with them – Use registered loom boards and not fingers
    – Keep them out of reach from children (and pets!) when they’re not in use – Make sure you explain to children about using the toy safely, especially that they must not wrap the bands too tightly

    How to make loom band bracelets

    There are thousands of tutorials online that can help teach you how to make even a simple loom band bracelet. We love blogs like rainbowloominstructions.com and Loom Love.

    We’ve also included links to other favourites in this gallery.

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