Animal plant holders

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  • Get the kids to make you a nice present with these original animal plant holders. If you thought that you couldn’t transform a toy animal into an arty plant holder, then think again – oh yes, it’s possible.

    It’s very unlikely that you’ll have to go out and buy anything. If your kids have a toy animal that they don’t use anymore, they should put it to good use and showcase one of your plants.

    If more toy animals can be used, even better! Small plants should be used though as this will work best. 3-5 year olds will love painting their animals and the colours they choose is completely up to them – red looks particularly good on a roaring lion. Kids should leave the cutting out to the adults, don’t touch those scissors.

    These animal plant holders would look great on a windowsill, a mantlepiece or even a bookshelf. Look around the house and if there’s a section that’s looking pretty bare, fill up the space with your beautiful piece of modern art.

    Just remember to leave the plants in their pots, so you or the kids can water them when they get thirsty.

    You will need: 

    • Large plastic hollow animals
    • Pencil
    • Craft knife
    • Paint
    • Paint brush
    • Small houseplant


    Step 1

    Draw a cirle on the back of the animal and cut out – this is a job for an adult and not the kids.

    Step 2

    Paint the surface of the animal with acrylic or emulsion paint and leave to dry completely. You may need to give it a couple of coats of paint.

    Step 3

    Pop a small houseplant inside the holder. Leave the plant in its pot, so you can remove it for watering.