Cardboard snowflake wreath

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  • Turn paper towel and toilet roll tubes into a pretty hanging cardboard snowflake wreath with this easy Christmas craft.

    Who needs to spend a fortune on a traditional wreath when you can make this stunning snowflake design from just a few leftover cardboard tubes?

    This easy but incredibly effective cardboard snowflake wreath is a fun festive project for adults and kids alike. It takes a little bit of time, as you may need a few coats of paint to cover the cardboard, but all of the steps are simple, and the finished product is well worth the effort.

    Once you’ve completed your snowflake wreath, you can thread a ribbon through the top and it’s ready to hang – it will look just as beautiful on the front door as it will over a fireplace, or as a centerpiece over your dining table. And it’s even more impressive when you reveal the secret of exactly what you made it from!

    Here’s how to get started:

    You will need
    – Cardboard tubes – Pencil – Ruler – Scissors – Glue
    – White spray paint – Ribbon

    Step 1
    Gently press the cardboard tubes flat and measure and mark at 4cm intervals along each. Cut into 4cm wide pieces.

    Step 2
    Take 5 tube pieces and arrange in a flower shape. Glue together side by side. Then add a piece between each ‘petal’, and stick in place. Continue adding more pieces, building up a large ‘snowflake’ shape.

    Step 3
    In a ventilated room protected with dust sheets, spray the cardboard snowflake with white paint and leave to dry. Add more coats until all the grey is completely covered.

    Step 4
    When dry, hang the snowflake up with some ribbon, and decorate with mini baubles.

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