Craft kits for kids

Craft kits are a great way to keep the kids entertained on rainy days, so we've rounded up 10 of the best and cheapest craft kits for kids from just 99p.

craft kits for kids

With one of these craft kits for kids, you'll be able to keep them entertained for hours. From making sand art to sloth pom poms, we've got all the craft kits you'll need...

Craft kits for kids are a great way to keep small ones entertained for an afternoon, as many of them don't require too much adult supervision. So you can sit back and watch as they create their very own jewellery and room decorations, using all the materials provided in these handy kits.

So whether you're looking for craft activities for kids to keep them entertained over the weekend or a longer holiday, these craft kits are great for letting their imaginations run wild - while keeping their hands and minds busy.

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These are the best craft kits for kids...

Often for under £10, you can buy all of these brilliant craft kits online.

The Make Arcade Dinosaur Banner Craft Kit, John Lewis

craft kits for kids

Credit: John Lewis & Partners

Suitable for young sewers and beginners, this kit from John Lewis (opens in new tab) provides everything you’ll need to make your own dinosaur banner. It’s a fun way to get small ones into crafting, while giving them the opportunity to make a new decorative piece for their bedroom.

This set includes: yarn to make tassels, a tassel maker, hanging banner, wooden baton, twine, felt pieces, needle, thread and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

Ages: 8+

Buy now: Dinosaur Banner Craft Kit (opens in new tab)

Paint your own dog flower pot kit, Baker Ross

craft kits for kids

Credit: Baker Ross

This paint your own dog flower pot kit is great for really little ones, as the kit provides you with the flower pot already made, so they can focus on splashing it with colour.

This set includes: Ceramic dog-shaped flower pot

Ages: 3+

Buy now: Paint your own dog flower pot kit  (opens in new tab)

Melissa & Doug Bead Bouquet Craft Set, John Lewis

craft kits for kids

Credit: John Lewis & Partners

This bead bouquet set from John Lewis is an ideal afternoon activity. It’s a craft kit for kids that will turn any little one into a jewellery designer, with plenty of colours, designs and shapes to choose from. The hardest decision will be what to make first!

 This set includes: wooden sorting tray, 8 multi-coloured cords that can be cut to make either a necklace, bracelet or anklet, 220 hand crafted heart, flower and butterfly heads in an array of designs.

Ages: 5+

Buy now: Bead bouquet set (opens in new tab)

Flamingo Room Light Creative Craft Kit, John Lewis

Credit: John Lewis & Partners

This is the perfect craft kit for kids who like to decorate their own bedrooms. With this vibrant flamingo light, they’ll be able to bring a burst of creativity into the space. It’s a fun activity and doesn’t require too much assembling, so (with a bit of adult supervision) kids of any age can get involved.

This set includes: A vibrant flamingo light for a calming ambience, patterned backgrounds, plain ones to decorate

Ages: 4+

Buy now: Flamingo room light creative kit

Galt Slime Lab Craft Kit for Kids, John Lewis

Credit: John Lewis & Partners

Who doesn’t love slime? This set offers four unique experiments to get started, so it’s bound to keep little ones entertained for a while. Create colour-changing slime, metallic or glow-in-the-dark slime with this kit.

This set includes: an information booklet, tools and materials to create four experiments – including a mix of glow-in-the-dark, colour-changing and metallic slime powder.

Ages: 4+

Buy now: Slime lab (opens in new tab)

Animal Pottery Craft Kit, John Lewis

Credit: John Lewis & Partners

 With this pottery crafting kit, you can make and paint six clay animals – including a puppy pot, a snail coil dish and a wacky bird. This kit will teach kids the basics of pottery using air-drying clay (so need need to worry about the oven!) and then offer ideas on how to decorate them.

This set includes: Air-drying clay, paints, paint brushes, instructions

Ages: 4+

Buy now: Animal pottery craft kit (opens in new tab)

Personalised Unicorn And Rainbow Bracelet Making Kit, Not On The High Street

Credit: Not On The High Street

Does your little one love unicorns and rainbows? Of course they do! Now with one of these fantastic craft kits for kids you can create 10 bracelets with a unicorn or rainbow theme. The kit includes everything they’ll need, and the box itself can be personalised to include their name. Perfect for a birthday gift as they can use the box for other fun craft projects afterwards!

This set includes: Personalised box, wooden heart beads, wooden unicorn beads, wooden geometric beads, spherical wooden beads, 10 elastics with plastic ends for easy threading

Ages: 3 – 8 years

Buy now: Personalised unicorn and rainbow bracelet making kit (opens in new tab)

The Gruffalo Painting By Numbers Set With Paints & Paintbrush, Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Any fans of The Gruffalo story books will love this painting by numbers set. To create a masterpiece, all you need to do is match the numbers on the paints to the numbers on the picture. Easy!

This set includes: 7 coloured paints, paintbrush, practice sheet included and a coloured template.

Ages: 3+

Buy now: The Gruffalo painting by numbers set (opens in new tab)

Bottle Sand Art Craft Kit, Amazon

craft kits for kids

Credit: Amazon

One of Amazon’s top wish list items, this is one of our favourite craft kits for kids as well. Use the multi-coloured sand in the set to create beautiful patterns in glass jars that you can then use to decorate spots around your home.

This set includes: four bottles, four bags of colourful sand, bottle stoppers, all of the tools needed to create cool layers and swirls.

Ages: 3+

Buy now: Bottle sand art craft kit (opens in new tab)

Rainbow Dream Catcher Craft kit, Baker Ross

craft kits for kids

Credit: Baker Ross

Keep nightmares away with this colourful dream catcher craft from Baker Ross. Complete with everything you’ll need to make this decorative piece of art, all you’ll need to hand is some PVA glue.

This set includes: A coloured card template, self-adhesive foam pieces, wool, feathers and ribbon to hang, two designs

Ages: 4+

Buy now: Rainbow dream catcher kit (opens in new tab)

Sloth pom pom kit, Baker Ross

Credit: Baker Ross

Another one of Baker Ross’ great craft kits for kids, this unique craft will make you three (or 15 if you opt for the bigger pack!) sloth pom pom animals to play with.

This set includes: Three colours of wool to make the pom poms, sloth-shaped foam pieces, ribbons for hanging, instruction manuals

Ages: 4+

Buy now: Sloth pom pom kit (opens in new tab)

With one of these craft kits for kits, you'll be able to keep them entertained for hours!