How to sew your own cross stitch flower cushion

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  • You can make this cross stitch flower cushion in your favourite colours, replicating the style of spring blooms. It's a great addition to any room!

    Welcome spring with this floral stitched cushion, it’s a stunning addition to any sofa or bedroom, especially as you can brag to all your visitors that you made it yourself. If you’re feeling generous, why not make it for a fellow flower-lover. You could even make it up as a Mother’s Day gift with the colours of your mum’s favourite flowers.

    To make this cross stitch flower cushion you will need:

    • 50cm of 140cm wide 35-count linen fabric in Pale Rose
    • 1 skein of Anchor stranded cotton embroidery thread in 254 Lime Green, 240 Mid Green, 264 Light Green, 140 Mid Blue, 160 Light Blue, 36 Mid Pink, 10 Light Pink
    • Size 28 tapestry needle
    • Matching sewing thread
    • 40cm square cushion pad – (finished size: 40 x 40cm)

    Time to make: 8 hours

    Spring blooms cross-stitch chart:

    How to embroider the cross-stitch:

    Each cross-stitch is taken over four threads of the fabric, using three strands of embroidery thread in the needle. Each square on the chart represents 4 x 4 threads of the fabric.

    1. Bring the needle to the right side at the upper left corner and insert it four threads down and four threads to the right, forming a diagonal stitch.
    2. Bring the needle to the right side, four threads up. To complete an individual stitch, insert the needle four threads down and four threads to the left, making a diagonal stitch. Alternatively, continue to make a row of half-stitches then work back, completing the upper half of the crosses.

    3.  Cut out a square of linen measuring 50 x 50cm.

    4. Measure 5.5cm in from the left hand edge and 11.5cm down from the top edge. Start embroidering one band of flowers, copying the chart. When you have completed the stitches on the chart, repeat to continue across the fabric a total of four times, then stitch the chart as far as the red line.

    5. Turn the fabric so the cross-stitched band is horizontal across the bottom. Repeat step 2. When complete, press the work face down on a towel. Trim 3.5cm from all edges of the fabric, leaving a 43 x 43cm square.

    How to make the cushion:

    1. Cut two 29 x 42cm rectangles for the back from linen. Press under 1cm, then 1.5cm on one long edge of each back piece. Stitch close to the inner pressed edges to hem the pieces.

    2. With the outer edges level and right sides together, pin the backs to the cushion front, overlapping the hemmed edges. Stitch the outer edges with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Clip the corners, turn right side out and insert the cushion pad.