Easy rainbow craft projects for kids

Brighten up your home and your baking with one of these colourful rainbow-inspired projects.
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  • Looking for your next craft project or a fun way to decorate your home with the kids? Check out our list of fabulous rainbow craft projects for kids...

    These rainbow craft projects for kids are a great way to get them looking forward to summer, with so many activities and things to do all around a rainbow theme. So whether you love a spot of baking, or cutting and sticking, we’ve got all the craft ideas you’ll need to bring in the summer and give your home a spot of colour.

    There’s no need to go hunting around in craft shops with this selection of rainbow crafts for kids though, as many of them can be made using the basic supplies you’re likely to have at home. But if you do need things like food colouring, then we recommend The Craft Company. They’ve got everything you need to bring some colour into your baking. And if your craft box is starting to look a little empty, you can stock up on all the paints, glue, paper and carboard you’ll need to make any of these activities with Wilko.com.

    Many of these craft projects also great for when the next kid’s party comes around, as you can make loads of them to full your party space with colour.

    Check out our rainbow craft projects for kids…

    1. How to make rainbow streamers

    rainbow crafts for kids

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    Whether you’re making them for a kids’ birthday party or just an afternoon of fun in the garden, these rainbow streamers are bound to go down a treat. And they’re one of the great things to make with leftover toilet roll tubes, so while getting creative, you’re also recycling and reusing. Find out how: How to make rainbow streamers

    2. Make magical rainbows from paper plates

    rainbow crafts for kids

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    This cute paper plate rainbow craft is one of the easiest to make. All you need is some old paper plates (normally found tucked away in the back of a cupboard), some colourful tissue paper and a little imagination to create smiling rainbow and weather-inspired faces. Ideal to brighten up a little ones’ bedroom as the weather gets warmer and the sun starts shining. Find out how: How to turn a paper plate into a rainbow

    3. Craft your own rainbow wand

    rainbow crafts for kids

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    If you’ve got a little one that loves dressing up and playing games, this is the craft project for you. Using some basic crafting supplies, some bright ribbons and a touch of sparkle you can make this magical rainbow wand. We’ve also got great ideas on making wizard wands if you’d rather hunt around for supplies in your garden, and use a range of rainbow paints to turn them into magical wands. Find out how: How to make a rainbow wand

    4. Make your own rainbow decorations

    rainbow crafts for kids

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    These fabulous rainbow decorations are so easy to make, using just some coloured paper and other basic craft supplies. They work perfectly in any space to bring in a pop of colour and offer up a great alternative to the rainbow pictures that many people are drawing at the moment for #RainbowsForNightingale. Find out how: How to make rainbow decorations

    5. How to make a rainbow sun catcher

    rainbow crafts for kids

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    Another colourful rainbow decoration to hang in your child’s bedroom or the living. This rainbow sun catcher reflects sun rays throughout the room, creating wonderful colours all around. It’s the perfect rainbow craft to get stuck into with the kids as we move into the sunnier months. Find out how: How to make a rainbow sun catcher

    6. Tie dye clothes in rainbow colours


    Tie dye is the latest craze to make a comeback and right now, it’s happening in a very big way. If you’ve got a plain white t shirt, you can use red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet shop-bought or homemade dyes to dye your clothes in this bright, colourful pattern. Follow our tutorial for ideas on how to tie dye clothes in rainbow colours like the one above. Find out how: How to tie dye t-shirts with dye, bleach and food colouring

    Fun and easy rainbow bakes

    1. How to make rainbow-shaped biscuits

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    This recipe for making rainbow-shaped biscuits first needs this recipe for vanilla cookie dough. That’s the part where adult supervision is need. After that, kids of any age can get involved in baking this colourful and delicious rainbow cookies. They’re a unique way to mix up your baking and you can make them into a variety of rainbow shapes, using whatever cookie cutters you have in your kitchen. Find out how: How to make rainbow biscuits

    2. How to make a rainbow fridge cake

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    This pink wafer ice cream cake is a great no-bake alternative to the rainbow layer cakes (see the recipe above) that have taken over the internet. It’s just as colourful and you can even make the rainbow drops on the side of the cake yourself. The best bit? This no-bake cake is made entirely of ice cream, so it’s even easier to make than the classic rainbow cake – perfect for making with little ones who can’t quite be trusted with the oven yet. Find out how: Pink wafer ice cream cake

    3. Make rainbow pancakes

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    Who doesn’t love a bit of weekend baking? Turn your brunches upside down with this exciting recipe for making your own rainbow pancakes at home. Find out how: How to make rainbow pancakes

    4. How to make a rainbow cake

    Credit: Rainbow Trust

    This colourful recipe was originally made to support the Rainbow Trust, a charity that helps families with seriously ill children. It was originally created by Great British Bake Off Winner, Candice Brown and it’s one of our favourite rainbow-inspired things to do. Kids will love experimenting with food colouring (try mixing red and blue colouring together to make purple) and layering the colourful cake in the tin. Find out how: Candice Brown’s Rainbow Cake

    These rainbow craft projects for kids are great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon or keep them busy during the week.


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