How to make a heart button cushion

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  • Get sewing for a loved one this Valentine's day. Use up old buttons to create this heartfelt gift that will suit any sofa.

    We’ve stuffed our mini cushion with polyester toy stuffing, but increase the dimensions and this is the perfect make for a standard cushion pad.

    If you’re not feeling the romance this year, then swap the heart shape for a motif you love. How about a celestial moon and star or a simple flower? Better yet, create a whole set of throw cushions to style up your living room or bedroom and use up any old buttons you have lying around.

    To make a heart button cushion, you will need:

    • 38x56cm navy blue cotton fabric

    • Old white buttons – we used 34 in total

    • Water-soluble fabric marker

    • Hand sewing needle

    • Sewing machine

    • Matching thread

    • Stuffing

    How to make a heart button cushion

    1. Cut out two rectangles measuring 28x38cm from a piece of navy blue cotton fabric.

    2. Arrange your buttons in a heart shape on one of the fabric rectangles and hand sew them in place. If you’re struggling to create the heart shape, use a water-soluble marker to draw on a guide – you can easily remove the markings afterwards by washing off or using a water-soaked cotton bud to rub the pen away.

    3. Place the rectangles right sides together and sew all the way around with a 1.5cm seam allowance, making sure to leave a small 15cm gap for turning and to use matching navy thread to disguise any visible stitches. Clip the corners with a pair of scissors.

    4. Turn the cushion cover right sides and push into the corners to make a crisp point. Press with a steam iron to remove any creases. Fill with lots of stuffing and slip-stitch the gap closed with matching thread.

    5. To slip-stitch, take a tiny stitch through both fabrics and then run the needle through the seam fold before taking the next stitch. Once you’ve stitched to the end of the gap, pull the stitches taut to pull the fabric together and seal the seam.