Make your own canvas

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  • This canvas starry night craft is ideal if you want the kids to make dad an extra special gift. It can be hung anywhere around your home, but could look especially nice placed in the living room beside family photos or in dad’s bedroom – show it off!

    The dark blue painted background is the ideal colour for an out of this world setting, and combined with the various stars on the canvas, you feel like you’re almost looking into space itself. If dad loves astrology, even better – he doesn’t even need to use his telescope!

    Rather than just sticking on stars, the kids actually blow them onto the canvas using a straw – 3-5 year olds will thoroughly enjoy this bit. Just sticking them on would be boring! Sewing the word “DAD” or any other name, onto the canvas in the final stages is not only an endearing finish, it also makes him the centrepiece of a beautiful starry night.

    You will need:

    Stretched canvas

    Dark blue paint

    Paint brush

    White paint

    Drinking straw

    White paint pen

    Grey tapestry wool and needle

    How to do it:

    Step 1

    Paint the canvas with dark blue paint and leave until completely dry.

    Step 2

    Water down a little white paint in a small dish. Dab the end of the straw in the paint, then blow through the straw onto the canvas to create small spots.

    Step 3

    Using a pencil, lightly write the letters DAD – or any other name you’d like – diagonally on the canvas. Draw dots along the pencil lines with a white paint pen.

    Step 4

    Thread the tapestry needle with grey wool, and knot the end. Carefully stitch through the canvas, joining up the dots to form the letters DAD.