Homemade Christmas bunting

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  • We can only suspect Mary Berry is responsible for bringing bunting back into fashion, and for that we are truly grateful.

    The gorgeously Great-British garland has become our year-round decorative obsession, and it gets a Winter revamp as we swap our gingham pastel-shaded flags for cute Christmas shapes all strung together with festive ribbon. Easy-as-pie to make and with no sewing involved, it’s the coy craftsman’s cue to effortless decoration making.

    Imagination is key when it comes to your Christmas bunting, so get your little elves to think of some seasonal shapes for you to draw and cut-out to string up on your garland.

    Let your creative spirits fly: you can use anything from simple star shapes to Christmas trees, Santa’s hats, and snowflakes. Don’t be phased if drawing isn’t your thing – we used simple brown card for ours, but you can be sneaky by up-cycling old Christmas cards and cutting out the shapes and pictures on the fronts of them. You could even draw out simple letters to make a Merry Christmas garland!

    If money’s a little tight, worry not, as there are plenty of things you’re likely to have in your house that can add a bit of oomph to your beautiful bunting – try wrapping cardboard stars in tin foil for a bit of silver sparkle. Try cutting them open, and save some dosh not buying expensive metallic card. Plus, decorating your cardboard shapes is the perfect job for Santa’s little helper!

    Just string up your Christmas creations on a length of ribbon and you’ll have a perfectly festive decoration. You can even put some string onto each shape first, so they hang at different levels. Easy yet oh-so-effective, this is our go-to party piece. Did someone say ho-ho-homemade…?

    You will need
    – Card (I used sheets of brown recycled card, but don’t be afraid to get creative with your medium!)
    – Ribbon – Scissors – Pencil – Hole punch

    How to make Christmas bunting
    Step 1 Draw outlines of festive shapes (such as stars and trees) onto the card in pencil. These can be rough and don’t have to be even.

    Step 2 Cut them out and punch a whole in the top, thread through the ribbon and hang.

    Craft by Victoria Eggs