Homemade Christmas cards

Can you believe this homemade Christmas card design takes just 10 minutes?

Put a little love into your card list this year, with these easy homemade Christmas cards.

The festive season shouldn't just be about Christmas toys and gifts – there's nothing more personal than a handmade Christmas card, but lots of typical designs can be fiddly and time consuming. This simple bauble card takes just 10 minutes to put together, meaning that you can make cards for as many family and friends as you like, in just an hour or two.

The design is so quick and fuss-free to make that even the youngest of kids can lend a hand, although you’ll need to take control of the scissors if really little ones are helping. Let them take creative control with different colours and papers and they’ll soon have enough for their entire class (and then some!)

All you need is some basic craft materials like card, paper and string – in fact, you’ve probably got everything you need in the house already! If you’re feeling brave, or just handy with a hoover, you can also add some glitter for a little festive sparkle.

There are just four steps to follow and you’ll be well on your way to homemade card success. - Hallmark, eat your heart out!

You will need

- Card - Paper (you can use gift wrap, a magazine cutting - whatever you have to hand!) - String - Sticky fixers - Scissors - Pencil

Step 1 Cut the card to your desired size (Try 15cm x 15cm when folded) and fold your card in half.

Step 2 Draw a circle on the back of your chosen paper (you can draw round a glass if you don’t have a compass).

Step 3 Cut out the circle and affix the sticky fixers to the back to create depth, alternatively glue the card directly to the paper.

Step 4 Add string/ribbon to create a bauble and personalize with text.


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