How to make a Father’s Day bookmark

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  • Little ones will love to make this bookmark for their dad this Father’s Day

    If dad’s a fan of DIY, he’s sure to love these tool-shaped bookmarks. Every time he picks up his book to read, he’ll be reminded of this lovely Father’s Day gift.

    They’re so easy to make that kids can create this Father’s Day bookmark in just an hour. Decorate with colourful ribbons or whatever you have lying around the house. Cover in stickers or colour-in with pencils and felt-tip pens to personalise your creation. Finish off the bookmark with a special message to dad.

    If dad doesn’t like DIY, then why not create the bookmark in the shape of something else he likes? Is he a coffee connoisseur? Make the Father’s Day bookmark in the shape of a coffee cup. Is he a fan of animals? Cut out a giraffe shape. Avid cyclist? Then a bicycle bookmark is the way to go. Keen gardener? What about a watering can? The options are endless and your kids will love to experiment with all the different shapes.

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    You will need:

    • A4 piece of colour card
    • Whole punch
    • Ribbons
    • Scissors
    • Felt tip pens

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    How to make a Father’s Day bookmark:

    1. Cut out the shape of dad’s favourite tool – we’ve made ours in the shape of a hammer and spanner.

    2. Use a hole punch to cut a hole in the bottom of the bookmark.

    How to make a Father’s Day bookmark

    3. Take two pieces of ribbon and fold them in half. Push the folded ribbon part way through the hole and then thread the ribbon ends through the folded loop. Pull the ribbon taut and trim the ends to about 8cm.

    How to make a Father’s Day bookmark

    4. Decorate the bookmarks with felt tip pens or colouring pencils. Why not write a message to dad on the bookmark, wishing him a happy Father’s Day?

    How to make a Father’s Day bookmark

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