How to make a hanging herb garden

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  • Upcycle that old shoe hanger and have fresh herbs on tap, whatever the size of your plot!

    This nifty idea combines two of our favourite things – crafting and gardening. You’ll never have to buy over priced herbs from the shops again thanks to your new mini garden.

    We also love that it’s easily movable. If it gets a bit chill outside, then just move them inside and hang on the back of your kitchen door.

    If you’re looking for something to do with the kids then we think this is perfect fo that, too. They’ll love to help making the labels, planting up the herbs and keeping them alive! You never know, you might have some natural little gardeners on your hands.

    If you’re lucky enough to have a laminator then you can cover the labels in laminating sheets and bond together, for an even tighter waterproof finish.

    Scroll down to see how to make this gorgeous hanging herb garden, in just a few simple steps.

    You will need


    -A printed list of herb names

    -Pretty wrapping paper


    -Extra wide sticky tape


    -A hanging shoe caddy

    Step 1

    Cut out the names of each of your herbs from the list. Ours were no bigger than 2x6cm. Cut out 4x10cm pieces of wrapping paper. Glue the herb names centrally onto the wrapping paper. Use the sticky tape to cover the front and back of each label, so that it’s waterproof.

    Step 2

    Staple each label onto the front of each pocket of the shoe caddy. Put your herbs inside a plastic sandwich bag with one or two holes in the bottom (for drainage) and position in the correct pocket.

    Step 3

    Hang your herb garden up outside your kitchen door.