How to make a kids apron

This easy-sew apron will become an essential when cooking in the kitchen with the kids

How to make a kids apron

This easy sew design will become an essential when cooking in the kitchen with the kids

A kids apron is a great project to try out with little ones and beginner sewers. Inspire your children to sit down at a sewing machine or get creative in the kitchen with this fun and colourful make.

There's no need to worry about making a mess or getting mucky while baking when you're wearing your new make. Once you've finished sewing, get in the kitchen to create these easy bakes or delicious recipes.

All you need is some fabric and simple sewing skills to get started. Then follow our in-depth instructions to complete your first kids apron. Once you've made one, there will be no stopping your little sewers, so why not make them as gifts for friends and family from spare fabric. Or try these other beginner sewing projects instead.

How to make a kids apron

To make a kids apron you will need:

  • 65 x 75cm patterned fabric
  • 17 x 22cm contrasting pocket fabric
  • 3m of 25mm wide yellow acrylic webbing
  • Jumbo pompom trim 65cm
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors, ruler and pencil

How to make a kids apron:

1. Along one short edge of the fabric, measure in 20cm from each side and mark. From the same corners, measure down by 25cm and mark. Join the two marks and cut away the triangle at each corner.

2. Fold the neck and side edges under by 1cm and press. Repeat to enclose raw edges and topstitch to secure.

3. Fold the underarm edges under by 5mm, pin and machine stitch in place. Turn again by 3cm, pin and stitch as close to the edge as possible to create a casing. Thread the webbing through each underarm, leaving the webbing loose around the neck edge.

4. Turn the bottom edge under by 1cm and pin the pompom trim to the fold. Topstitch to secure.

5. Turn the edges of the pocket fabric under by 1cm. Pin to the centre of the apron and topstitch in your desired position.

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