Easy baking recipes for kids

These look delicious!
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  • Very easy baking recipes to make with kids, including easy tray bakes, butterfly buns and cake pops.

    We love these easy baking recipes for kids, including simple all-in-one cakes that you can make and decorate together, easy tray bakes and biscuits.

    These recipes are a great way to keep your little ones entertained over the weekend or holidays, or a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. Teaching kids how to bake is a great way to get them started thinking about where food comes from and how it’s made, plus with all the mixing and decorating, it’s a great way to practise some key skills like co-ordination and counting. Our simple baking recipes are child-friendly and perfect for all ages, with a little help from you, of course.

    Our baking recipes for kids include fun recipes from celeb chef Annabel Karmel and from mummy blogger Anneliese, who knows all about cooking with kids. Plus, we’ve got some step-by-step recipes in there for you too, showing exactly which bits the kids can get stuck into.

    And baking isn’t just about getting a yummy treat at the end either (although obviously that’s a fabulous outcome), these clever recipes will teach little ones important life skills. Get them to help you measure out ingredients to practice their counting and grasp of weights and measures. Wet ingredients help foster interest in volume and of course there’s the timing of each bake too.

    Kids will love counting down the minutes until they can bring their homemade bakes out of the oven and this is the best way we know of getting our kids to sit quietly and watch a timer! If you have slightly older children then you could let them take the baking from the oven themselves, making sure they use oven gloves and go carefully, to teach them about heat safety.

    Browse through to see all of our easy baking recipes for kids. We’re sure you’ll find one to suit you and your little ones…