Learning to sew? Watch these easy tutorials for adults and kids

Beat lockdown blues with these great sewing projects.

daily sewing activities

Daily sewing activities are great craft projects for both adults and children to get stuck into, as they’re easy to learn, anxiety busting and create a great sense of achievement when they’re finished.

Plus, you'll need something to keep them busy for the hours in the day when they're not doing school work, amusing themselves or playing outside in the back garden.

But if you’re not already a busy sewing bee, then learning how to sew can be quite an intimidating prospect. That’s where Lisa Comfort from Sew over It comes in. Lisa is live-streaming video sewalongs on her YouTube channel every day to get the nation involved in daily sewing activities during lockdown. Sewing, along with baking with kids, is a great way to boost their skills.

How to get involved with Sew Over It's daily sewing activities

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Every Monday at 2pm, viewers can learn beginner skills like threading a sewing machine (if you have one!), hemming and mending clothes, embroidery and making simple projects like cushions or tote bags.

However, an hour beforehand at 1pm live on YouTube, Lisa is leading a once-a-week Sewing with Kids sewalong to specifically get small ones involved with these exciting craft projects. So every Monday, while you’re taking a moment for yourself, your child can be learning to create cute monsters, felt rainbows and customise their own clothes.

As Lisa says, “I’m so excited to teach people to sew while we’re staying at home to protect our NHS. Sewing is a great way to take your mind off your anxiety and it’s so satisfying to make something yourself.

All beginner and kids craft projects can easily be made with scraps of fabric or old clothes that you’ll have at home, so no need to battle those Amazon waiting times to get stuck into sewing.

For the clothes tutorials, you can buy the PDF patterns online before the class and print at home to get the most out of these free, online daily sewing classes.

Coming up on Monday, Lisa will be sharing her guide to create a hanging felt rainbow. But, if you can't wait unil then to get started, take a look at some of the projects she's shared so far...

Sew Over It projects to make

Create a felt monster mobile

This one's for the kids! First of Lisa's Sewalong videos specifically designed for kids, here you can learn how to create a felt monster mobile.


Make a Bilbery t-shirt

This video is up online ready to watch, if you’re joining the party a bit late. It’s one of the easiest patterns that Sew Over It has, so it’s the ideal one to get started with if you’re new to sewing.


How to sew a cushion

Another easy sewing activity to get involved with. Lisa went live to show her views how to create their very own cushion, with step by step instructions. Take a look!


Sew your own Audrey top - parts one and two

This step-by-step guide will take you through how to create an Audrey top - one of Sew Over It's popular designs.



These daily sewing activities are sure to keep your hands busy during lockdown!

Don’t forget to tag your creations on social media with #stayhomeandsewalong to join a community of other like-minded craft enthusiasts, all trying their hand at something new.

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