How to make a shoe-box toy kitchen

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  • Kids love pretending to cook but toy kitchens can be expensive, so have a go at making your own. All you need is a shoe box with a folding lid, some paint and paper plates to make this colourful cooker.

    You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make and your kids will have so much fun painting it and playing with it afterwards, it’s definitely worth a go. Let them choose their favourite colour and even add on a kitchen sink using another shoe box and a silver mixing bowl.

    Buy some cheap plastic toy pots and pans from your local supermarket (these ones cost about £2.99 from Sainsbury’s) then give the kids raisins, dried pasta and lentils – as long as you know they won’t really eat them – and they’re ready to cook.

    Follow our illustrated step-by-step instructions below on how to make a shoe-box toy kitchen…

    What you will need

    • 1 large cardboard shoe box with a folding lid
    • 2 small black paper plates
    • 2 plastic milk bottle lids
    • Acrylic paint (we used red, black and gold)
    • Paint brush
    • White card
    • Black felt pen
    • Scissors
    • Strong glue stick or PVA glue