How to make egg box chicks

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  • Is there anything that can’t be made from an egg box? Well, probably quite a lot of things actually. But still, there are infinite Easter crafts to be made from eggboxes, a humble household recyclable.

    These happy birds are made from the inside egg nest section of the box and give a new lease of life to something that would otherwise be thrown out. There’s also something quite poetic in this craft, turning an egg box into a chicken, don’t you think? Or perhaps we’ve spent too much time gluing cardboard again.

    Back to the kids and they’re sure to love these colourful chaps with their feather crowns and googly eyes. Have them pick their favourite colours and let them loose on their own chicken for an afternoon of fun. Especially good for Easter, this make is great for a holiday project.

    You will need

    • Egg boxes
    • Scissors
    • Acrylic paint
    • Paint brush
    • Glue
    • Scraps of orange and yellow paper
    • Feathers
    • Small wiggle eyes

    Step 1

    Help your child to cut out the egg sections from the empty egg boxes and place in pairs to make their little chickens.

    Step 2

    Paint each half of a pair with acrylic paint, and leave to dry for a couple of hours. Perhaps a Peppa Pig break? When they’ve dried glue the painted halves together to make a round body.

    Step 3

    Next take a scrap piece of orange or yellow paper and fold in half. Cut a triangular beak with the folded edge on one of the sides. Stick to the middle of the bird, or you know, wherever your little one fancies placing their bird’s beak.

    Step 4

    Glue some small wiggle eyes to the bird. Help your child add the final flourish by making a small hole at the top of the bird, then asking them to pop a feather through it for their plume.

    Craft: by Suzie Attaway