How to make a scribble mug

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  • Kids love making these Sharpie mug crafts. The best bit about them? They’re so simple to do.

    You can mark out any design you’d like on your mug, whether it’s a loved ones’ name, your initial or a pattern of your choosing, simply use stickers to decide how you want your mug to look.

    You can use as many different colours as you like, that’s really up to you. Just remember to make sure you draw a thick line around any letters or stickers you use, so they really stand out from your design. 

    And then it’s the fun part. Unleash your inner doodler and scribble as much as you want all over the mug, using a rainbow of different colours. The results look fantastic!

    You will need

    • White mug
    • Letter stickers 
    • Star stickers in various sizes 
    • Oil-based marker pens 

    Step 1

    Peel and stick some letter stickers spelling DAD, DADDY, or whichever word ou would like to write, on the side of a plain white mug. Stick some star stickers at random around the lettering.

    Step 2

    Using oil-based marker pens, scribble around and over the letters and star stickers in different bright colours. Leave to dry, before carefully peeling off the stickers with a pair of tweezers.

    Step 3

    To seal the ink, place the scribble mug in a warm oven at about 160C for 30 minutes, then allow to cool completely before removing.

    Craft by: Suzie Attaway

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