Painting pebbles

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  • These¬†painted pebbles are simple, yet very pretty, so prepare your paint brushes. They take just half an hour to make and kids will love the idea of searching for pebbles, not to mention getting messy with paint!

    It’s not just about painting pebbles a different colour though, we’re talking about giving them a Wild West theme – that’s it, a walk on the wild side.

    This is accomplished through different shades of green and patterns. Varied shades of green are used so each pebble can look unique in its own right – it’s important to shake up the colour. Drawing needles, spines and spots onto each of your pebbles is also crucial because it enhances their visual interest and allows kids to get creative.

    Feel free to put your new decorations anywhere around your home but bear in mind they look great on windowsills – this way, the sunlight allows their vibrant colours to be truly appreciated.

    These pebbles could also spice up your office if you feel your workplace suffers from being too plain, and kids could give them away as presents.

    Oh, and If you’re a big fan of ornamental displays, just arrange them in a stone-filled pot. As you can see, just a plain old stone can be transfromed into something incredibly useful, so keep the kids busy with this speedy craft.

    You will need:

    • Selection of pebbles
    • Acrylic paint, in different shades
    • Paint brush
    • White paint pen
    • Clear varnish


    Step 1
    Wash and dry the pebbles thoroughly. Paint each one in a different shade of green, then leave to dry completely.

    Step 2
    Carefully draw little cactus needles, spines and spots onto each of the pebbles with a white paint pen.

    Step 3
    Paint the decorated pebbles with varnish and leave to dry.