Potato print tea towels

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  • Keep the kids busy during the holidays by making these fun tea towels

    Can’t find your perfect tea towel in the shops? Or looking for something a bit more personal? This bold pair of tea towels can be stamped with anything, from your favourite foodie words to your life’s motto.

    Don’t throw away that out-of-date potato! This craft project involves using a spud to stamp out your chosen design. With a cookie cutter alphabet or whatever biscuit cutter shapes you have lying around, you can create your very own kitchen masterpieces. Get the kids involved too for this child-friendly painting project. It can get messy, so make sure surfaces are covered in old newspaper and aprons or overalls are put on first before the fun begins.

    To make these potato print tea towels you will need:

    • White tea towel
    • Potatoes
    • Alphabet cookie cutters
    • Turquoise and orange fabric paint
    • Shallow dish or paint palette
    • Craft knife
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Cardboard to protect surfaces

    How to make these potato print tea towels

    1. Cut the potato into smaller pieces so they’re the size of the cookie cutters. Push the alphabet cookie cutters of your chosen word into each piece of potato.

    2. Using a craft knife, carefully cut around the edge of the cookie cutter. Remove the cookie cutter and remove any remaining pieces from the potato stamp with the craft knife.

    3. Iron out the tea towel so it’s completely flat. Place the cardboard on the surfaces and position the tea towel on top. Pour the paint into the shallow dish or paint palette.

    4. Working across the tea towel, place the potato letters in the paint, blot off any excess paint and stamp on the fabric. Repeat, switching to a contrasting colour for a couple of words.

    5. Allow the paint to dry and then set with a hot iron, or following the manufacturer’s instructions.