Easter egg hunt: How to throw the ultimate Easter egg hunt party!

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  • There's no better way to celebrate the Easter festivities than by throwing an Easter egg hunt party for the kids and all their friends!

    Well, we say ‘their’ friends, but of course there’s lots of fun to be had for us adults too. Whether you’re looking for Easter egg hunt ideas just for your little ones, or you’re organising an Easter egg hunt party for family and friends, we have everything you need to make this Easter one to remember.

    Your Easter egg hunt party doesn’t need to take long to prepare either, because we’ve suggested clever places to help you hide the eggs around your home or garden AND Easter egg hunt clues that the kids will love working out, especially when they find chocolate at the end.

    And what Easter egg hunt party would be complete without some tasty Easter party food? We’ve got plenty of celebration treats for you to dish up at your Easter egg hunt party and if you’re feeling really creative and want to impress your little guests, you could try making your own Easter eggs to hide, too.

    So what are you waiting for? Go through our Easter egg hunt party guide one step at a time for the most fun Easter ever!

    The Easter egg hunt
    Easter egg hunt party

    An Easter egg hunt is where you hide Easter eggs around your home and garden so your kids can hunt around and find them all. Your egg hunt can be as long, short or challenging as you like but you should tailor it so it’s suitable for the age range at your party.

    For example, you can provide Easter egg hunt clues for older kids or you can go without clues and let younger children find the Easter eggs in easier hiding places. There’s nothing more exciting to kids than finding a pile of treasure, so make sure you get lots of different Easter treats that all your guests will enjoy, it doesn’t just have to be chocolate eggs, you can hide little Easter toys too.

    If you haven’t got time to do all the clues, don’t worry, as the kids will have just as much fun hunting down the Easter treats without clues – but if you have got time, then we’ve provided some easy Easter egg hunt clue ideas that will make your egg hunt even more exciting. Write down the following clues on some coloured card and give them out to your little guests so they can get hunting for their treats. You can also try hiding some extra ‘getting closer’ or ‘red hot’ clues near the Easter eggs for younger kids.

    Easter egg hunt: Indoor hiding places and Easter egg hunt clues

    • Next to the phone (Clue: I go ring, ring, ring and your treats are waiting next to me)
    • On a bookshelf – for older kids, send them to a specific book (Clue: I’m sitting on a shelf and I’m filled with words and pages)
    • On the mantelpiece (Clue: I’m just above the fireplace and there are often ornaments on me)
    • In the fridge (Clue: I keep everything nice and cool. Today I’ve got some tasty eggs inside me)
    • Under a chair (Clue: Come and sit on me if you need a rest, but make sure you look underneath me too!)

    Easter egg hunt: Outdoor hiding places and clues

    • In a plant pot (Clue: I’m outside by the front door, there are pretty flowers in me and some tasty chocolate surprises too)
    • In the garden shed (Clue: I’m keeping the garden tools dry, and these Easter eggs hidden from your view!)
    • Under a big tree (Clue: I’m really tall and leafy and your treats are underneath me)
    • In a watering can (Clue: I have a handle and you can use me when the plants are thirsty. Today I’ve got Easter eggs in me)
    • In a flower bed (Clue: Out in the garden where the flowers grow, you’ll find Easter treats under the [insert flower name])

    Easter egg hunt: Party decorations

    Get your house ready for your Easter egg hunt party with some of our fun Easter decoration ideas – the best part is they’re all cheap to make. Get the kids involved in making them too, they’ll love showing their friends what they helped to make.

    Egg-cup candles

    Recycle your eggshells by turning them into egg-cup candles in three simple steps. They can also be used in your home all year round.

    How to make: Egg-cup candles

    Easter egg tree

    How fun does this Easter egg tree look? If there’s a little too much chocolate around the house and you’re looking for a way for the kids to help you with the Easter party prep, get them making this simple decoration with our easy-to-follow guide.

    How to make: Easter egg tree

    Easter bunny bunting

    With our easy-to-follow guide you could make your very own cute bunny bunting, guaranteed to get some smiles from your Easter egg hunt party guests. You can make any colour you like, and kids will love helping out – especially when it comes to sticking the pom-pom tails!

    How to make: Easter bunny bunting

    Easter egg hunt: Party accessories

    Get the kids dressed up and ready for the celebration with our Easter party accessories. They’re really simple to make so it won’t take long to make enough for all the children coming to the party.

    Easter rabbit mask

    How to make an easter bunny maskgoodtoknow/Essentials

    Little ones will absolutely love pretending to be the Easter bunny with this lovely rabbit mask. A lot of the things you’ll need to make this fun face will already be around the house, and it’s so simple to make – just follow our video!

    How to make: Easter rabbit mask

    Easter face paints

    Rabbit face paint

    Of course no party is complete without face painting! We have two brilliant Easter face paint idea for little ones to choose from (we say ‘little ones’, but if you’re getting into the Easter spirit then why not have your face painted too?).

    How to: Easter chick and Easter rabbit face paints

    Don’t forget to provide your little guests with Easter baskets, egg boxes or bags to carry all the Easter eggs they’ll find.

    Easter egg hunt: Party food

    Easter is all about lovely tasty treats that the kids aren’t usually allowed, from cupcakes and Easter nests to impressive Easter cakes you friends will be impressed by! We’ve chosen a delicious selection of Easter food for you to try. Easter recipes are actually easy to make, so get the kids in the kitchen too. Here’s our selection of Easter party food treats we love – your guests are in for a real treat!

    Easter cake and bake ideas

    Hot croissant ring cake

    We have so many impressive Easter cake and bake recipes to try, you won’t know where to start! This hot croissant ring cake (yep – it tastes as good as it sounds) is just one of the show-stopping ideas you could try, bound to be a hit with friends and family alike!

    Treats for the kids

    Easter cakes and bakes

    Kids will love all of our fun recipe ideas, including these Easter chick cupcakes and a rocky road idea that is just too good to only have at Easter. What’s more, these recipes are the perfect way to get the kids involved in the fun of Easter and helping you in the kitchen – perfect for little hands that like to get messy!

    Get more Easter recipes for kids

    Creme Egg ideas

    Creme egg ice cream

    We have four words for you: Cream Egg ice cream. Serve these at your Easter egg hunt party and just wait for the impressed and happy looks to come your way! We have lots of brilliant ideas for Creme Egg fans, so take a look and see which one you like the look of most.

    Get more Creme Egg recipes

    Mini Eggs ideas

    Easter cakes and bakes

    Mini Eggs fan? Us too! Which is why we’ve put together this incredible collection of Mini Egg ideas – from pancakes and millionaire’s shortbread, to this Mini Egg bark.

    Get more Mini Eggs recipes

    Easter lunch ideas

    If you’re throwing your Easter egg hunt party on Easter Sunday and you want to have a sit down meal rather than party food, then you’ll be needing our Easter lunch menus ideas. We’ve got every type of roast and side option covered, so whatever you and your family fancy we can help!

    We hope you and the kids really enjoy your Easter egg hunt party. Don’t forget to tell us how it all went on Facebook or in our comments section below!

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