Easter egg hunt ideas and clues: How to throw the ultimate Easter egg hunt party

easter activities and games: easter egg hunt

Planning an Easter party this weekend? Send your guests searching for chocolate treasures with our Easter Egg hunt ideas and clues.

Your Easter egg hunt party doesn’t need to take long to prepare. We’ve suggested clever places to help you hide the eggs around your home or garden and Easter egg hunt clues that the kids will love - especially when they find chocolate at the end. Not only is it loads of fun but our family Editor Stephanie Lowe tells us how Easter egg hunts are great for problem-solving too; “Setting up an Easter egg hunt with picture clues for little ones and longer wordier ones for teens, are a great way to get mind's racing and problem-solving. Maybe even suggest they team up for optimum results? Then off they run - a great way to burn off some energy too!”

And, what Easter egg hunt party would be complete without some fun Easter games and activities, Easter eggs for kids, and Easter craft ideas for kids.

Easter egg hunt ideas and clues

Planning your Easter egg hunt

1. Pick up some chocolate treats and gifts There’s nothing more exciting to kids than finding a pile of treasure, so make sure you get lots of different Easter treats. It doesn’t just have to be chocolate eggs, you can hide little Easter gifts for kids and inexpensive toys too. They don't have to cost the Earth. You can buy value packs of chocolate eggs and toys from most supermarkets and pound shops these days. Do prepare some Easter egg baskets as well so your collectors can carry their precious finds. To make your own budget versions, pick up some paper bags and ask the kids to decorate them with colourful Easter drawings beforehand. It's all part of the fun.

2. Be allergy aware Check with your guests if they have any allergies or intolerances. Gluten, milk-free options, and vegan Easter eggs are widely available now. You might like to add tags on the eggs for those with allergies, hide them at random, and get the guests to hunt for their own ones.

3. Decide where to hide the eggs Keep them hidden, but do consider levels and visibility, depending on who you have coming. Tiny tots will never spot full-on camouflaged eggs or those on top shelves.

4. Put out some extra treats Easy-to-find extra treats without clues are also a good idea, in case any younger children find themselves down in numbers at the end. You could also consider letting the youngest ones go first - depending on how competitive you expect it to get.

5. Write out your Easter egg hunt clues Write down our suggestions on some coloured cards and give them out to your guests when you are ready, not before, as there’s no holding some chocolate fiends back. You can also try hiding some extra ‘getting closer’ or ‘red hot’ clues near the Easter eggs. You can adjust them depending on the age ranges, or even do separate ones for grown-ups and little ones (if this party planner is you, you get an extra chocolate egg for ambition).

Easter egg hunt clues ideas

1. Next to the phone (Clue: I go ring, ring, ring and your treats are waiting next to me) 2. On a bookshelf – for older kids, send them to a specific book (Clue: I’m sitting on a shelf and I’m filled with words and pages) 3. On the mantelpiece (Clue: I’m just above the fireplace and there are often ornaments on me) 4. In the fridge (Clue: I keep everything nice and cool. Today I’ve got some tasty eggs inside me) 5. Under a chair (Clue: Come and sit on me if you need a rest, but make sure you look underneath me too!) 6. In a plant pot (Clue: I’m outside by the front door, there are pretty flowers in me and some tasty chocolate surprises too) 7. In the garden shed (Clue: I’m keeping the garden tools dry, and these Easter eggs hidden from your view!) 8. Under a big tree (Clue: I’m really tall and leafy and your treats are underneath me) 9. In a watering can (Clue: I have a handle and you can use me when the plants are thirsty. Today I’ve got Easter eggs in me) 10. In a flower bed (Clue: Out in the garden where the flowers grow, you’ll find Easter treats under the [insert flower name])

Easter decoration ideas

Set the scene for your Easter egg hunt with some Easter decorations – from Easter wreaths to crackers and Easter trees, there are loads of options online and in the supermarkets. Or, how about your very own cute Easter bunny bunting? Guaranteed to get some smiles from your Easter egg hunt party guests. You can make any colour you like, and kids will love helping out – especially when it comes to sticking the pom-pom tails. And if short of time or energy, a simple fresh yellow cloth and a vase of daffodils bring Easter to the table.

easter crafts for kids: easter bunny bunting

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Little ones will absolutely love pretending to be the Easter bunny with this lovely rabbit mask. A lot of the things you'll need to make this fun face will already be around the house, and it's so simple to make - just follow our video!

Watch the video: How to make rabbit maks 

Easter treats

Let’s face it, Easter food is all about lovely tasty treats and we all love to eat chocolate at Easter. These no-bake mini Easter rocky roads are made with milk chocolate, golden syrup, shortbread, Mini Eggs, fudge, and marshmallows. Drool. These Creme Egg rocky roads are also delicious as well as these Easter nests. And the best bit? These recipes are no-bake - so they're perfect for getting the kids involved in the kitchen. Great news for your chief taste testers and little hands that like to get messy - are we right?

And, we have four words for you: Cream Egg ice cream. Serve these at your Easter egg hunt party and just wait for the impressed and happy looks to come your way!

Creme egg ice cream

For more ambitious bakers, check out our impressive ideas for Easter biscuits, and Easter desserts. The kids will especially love these Easter chick cupcakes, which can be adjusted to be dairy-free by switching out the milk and butter for like equivalents. You are WELCOME. Serve these at your Easter egg hunt party and just wait for the rounds of applause to come your way.

Plus, we have so many impressive Easter cakes and bake recipes to try. From this incredibly indulgent Easter chocolate cake (pictured below) to our hot croissant ring cake (which tastes as good as it sounds) are just a couple of the show-stopping ideas you could try.

Easter chocolate fudge cake

Easter lunch ideas

Whether you’re throwing your Easter egg hunt party on Easter Sunday or not, it’s always a good idea to think about lunch. There are lots of foods we traditionally eat at Easter, but a roast lamb is often the centerpiece for many sit-down meals. Check out our Easter lunch menus ideas. We’ve got every type of roast and side option covered, from meats to meat-free alternatives like a delicious sweet potato and nut roast. We also have plenty of buffet party food ideas and canapes.

Easter roast lamb recipes: St Clement's roast lamb

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