Top 10 baby names predictions for 2024 inspired by feminists - but we're disappointed to see our favourite hasn't made the cut...

Prepare for your new arrival with our round up of top baby names for 2024

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Predictions for 2024's top baby names are quickly rolling in with the year nearly at an end. Here's some of our favourite trend predictions that are inspired by feminists.

Choosing a baby name is a difficult choice. Do you go with a cool baby name, or a cute baby name, or one inspired by the hit HBO show Succession? There's thankfully a lot of lists out there rounding up baby names and, while 2024 isn't here just yet, predictions for the year's soon-to-be top baby names are already here. 

One of baby-naming guru Nameberry's top predictions for popular baby name trends for 2024 is names inspired by feminism. This is 100% something we can get behind. With films like 2023's Barbie changing the image of feminism as we know it and showing the power and strength in femininity, Nameberry predicts that 'girly and elaborate names' will get back into the mainstream over the coming year. 

Explaining their prediction that feminist baby names will take over in 2024 largely thanks to the Barbie movie, Nameberry writes, "There have been many headlines claiming we're going to see more babies named Barbie, but that's simply untrue. 

The influence of Barbie on baby names will be less direct but more important. Barbie makes feminism feminine, and femininity feminist. The new feminist baby names are equally feminine in unexpected ways." With that in mind, here are 10 baby names inspired by feminism...

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Top baby names for 2024 - predictions inspired by feminists 

  • Tallulah - With both Irish and Native American origins, the name Tallulah means 'leaping water or lady of abundance.' The perfect feminist-inspired name, Tallulah encapsulates the abundant love and personality held within any child and, as they grow up, encourages them to remember the many good and strong traits they inherently hold within them. 
  • Dorothea - The name Dorothea comes from Greek origin and means 'gift of God.' Whether you're religious or not, the name shows that life itself is a gift and any child bearing the name will be reminded of their life's importance - an inherently feminist act for any woman. 
  • Halston - A unisex name, Halston means 'hallowed stone' and has English origins. Hallowed, meaning greatly revered and honoured, gives the name it's feminist feel, reminding a daughter or son that they're respected and deserving. 
  • Lavender - The sweet and floral name Lavender has English origins, meaning 'purple flower,' and heralds back to the time the plant was used by medicine women to cure ailments and illness. The history gives a sweet nod to women's long history of nurturing and caring for others while also acknowledging their thirst for knowledge in subjects like medicine and sciences. You can find similar floral and feminine names to emulate the same meaning with our list of nature-inspired baby names
  • Theodora - Meaning 'gift of God,' Theodora may sound like an old-fashioned Victorian baby name, but the name reentered the list of the US' Top 1000 baby names for the first time in over 60 years back in 2019 and is still growing in popularity. This reflects the growing interest in old fashioned baby names that are making a comeback. The name can honour the many Saints who bear the name, or can refer to the ninth wife of the ancient Byzantine Emperor Justinian, who became the power behind her husband's throne after rising through the political ranks from humble beginnings. The name also allows for sweet nicknames opportunities like Dora, Teddy and Thea.
  • Mavis - The sweet name Mavis has origins in France and means 'songbird.' The sweet name encourages a child to voice their opinions, to sing their heart out and stand up for what they believe in. If that wasn't feminist enough, the name can also honour the American feminist activist Mavis Leno.
  • Isadora -Of Greek origin, Isadora means 'gift of Isis.' Isis was one of ancient Eygpt's most important goddesses and was worshipped everywhere from England to Afghanistan for her magical healing abilities that cured the sick and brought the dead back to life, as well as for her role as a mother to other Gods. Across the ancient world, she was a role model for all women. 
  • Eleanora - Meaning 'shining light,' the name Eleanora is set to make its comeback in 2024. With Greek origin, it currently ranks as the 997th most popular female baby name thanks to it's sweet meaning that perfectly encapsulates the hope and positivity set to punctuate a strong child's life. 
  • Clover - Another nature-inspired baby name that also fits into the feminist trend is Clover. With English origin, the name means 'key' and could be interpreted as a baby and their inherent skills, needs and wants being the key to their own success.
  • Diana - Diana is of Latin origin and means 'divine.' The name can most obviously honour the late Princess Diana, but there is another female role model who holds the name. Diana is the Latin name for the Roman moon goddess who is still worshipped by many cultures around the world today for the way she controls the tides and therefore allows life to thrive on Earth, as well as for the way she brings light to the world at nighttime.
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