Top baby names that parents regret picking REVEALED!

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  • Here's a round up of the top baby names that parents regret picking. Did your name make the cut?

    Picking a baby name is a pretty huge deal. There’s the pressure to choose something that will suit them, to avoid a name that reminds you of someone you know and to pick a name that your child will actually like too!

    A survey of 1,362 Mumsnet users has revealed that a shocking 18 percent of mums regret the name they picked for their little one.

    Of those, 32 percent have admitted that it didn’t take them long to regret their choice either, claiming that they knew it was the wrong name within just six weeks.

    But why do so many parents wish they had opted for a different moniker? The main reason for name regret was that mums and dads felt the name they had chosen was too popular, with one in four hearing lots of children with the same name as their baby.

    One in five parents liked the name they had picked, but sadly didn’t feel it suited their child once they started using it. And 20 percent of parents felt pressured into picking a name they didn’t like through family members.

    The survey also revealed the names most regretted by parents, with Charlotte topping the list – we hope Kate Middleton doesn’t feel that way!

    Parents’ most regretted baby names:

    1. Charlotte 2. Amelia 3. Anne 4. Daniel 5. Jacob 6. James 7. Thomas 8. Alex 9. Anthony 10. David 11. Emily 12. Frederick 13. Jack 14. Jay 15. Jayne 16. Joseph 17. Lily 18. Louise 19. May 20. Megan 21. Oscar 22. Ruby 23. Sally

    Are you surprised by this list? Do you still like the name you chose for your baby? Let us know in the comments below!