The 20 best toys for 10 year olds in 2024 — as tested by kids

According to our young toy testers, these are the best toys for 10 year olds

The best toys for 10 year olds
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Searching for the best toys for 10-year-olds can be a bit of a minefield.

At this age, 10-year-olds are getting closer to the tricky teenage years and they are usually becoming more and more interested in technology with each passing day. But that’s not to say they won’t love a bit of family fun.

In fact, some of the best toys for 10-year-olds provide opportunities for the child to play and interact with friends and family. As Dr. Maria Shaheen, senior director of early childhood education at Primrose Schools, tells us: "Older children, ages 10 and older, are now able to play sports with rules, so sporting equipment of all types can support your child’s developing throwing, catching, kicking, and agility skills. Sports equipment kits representing a wide range of sports are fun for children at this age and you may even find them making up their own games (and rules) with their friends."

Along with sporting equipment, Dr. Shaheen says that problem-solving is an ‘extremely important life skill’ that children of all ages can build through a variety of toys and materials. From puzzles and board games to open-ended materials like blocks and connecting toys.

So, to discover the best toys for 10-year-olds, keep scrolling. And if you're a bargain lover, check out our guide to the best Black Friday toy deals too. 

Best toys for 10 year olds 2024

Many of the products in our roundup of the best toys for 10-year-olds were tested by kids. We've included a range of toys across all budgets, with some focusing on independent play, some on physical activity and some on group family fun. 

The toys we included are affordable, age-appropriate, safe and fun, so whether you’re looking for a mega box of magic tricks, a family-friendly balance game or a smartwatch to encourage independence, you’ll find it here in our roundup.

Melissa & Doug Suspend - £18.17 | Amazon

Melissa & Doug Suspend - £18.17 | Amazon

Best for: Family Fun | Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: No

For a challenge, the whole family can get stuck into, try Suspend from Melissa and Doug. The hanging balance game comes with 24 notched, rubber-tipped wire pieces to hang from a tabletop stand, and while it may sound simple at first, you’ll soon find the balance shifting each time you add another bar. For up to four players, it’s a game that’s exciting, fun and challenging for kids and adults alike. 

“We all thought that Suspend was a brilliant family game,” says Katherine, mum to Teddy. “It took a tiny bit of practice, so don’t give up if you struggle at first but everyone enjoyed playing it, with the whole family getting involved, no matter what their age. Teddy would recommend it for ages eight plus. 

"It’s great fun and we all got very loud and over-excited as one bad move left the game pieces hanging at hilarious angles, threatening to topple the game. We also liked that there were three different game levels from easy to expert. We’ve not quite got to expert yet! Highly recommended.”

Swingball Reflex Soccer Football Training Aid - £19 | Amazon 

Swingball Reflex Soccer Football Training Aid - £19 | Amazon 

Best for: Family fun + coordination | Age suitability: 4+ | Batteries required: No

If they love football and want to practice their skills, the Swingball Soccer Aid is bound to impress young footballing stars. The high-energy game can be played with friends, family members or individually and will get everyone up and involved. 

You can play this game outside, take it to the beach or pack it up for the park to help them test how many kick-ups they can do. Just remember: to keep this sturdy, you'll need to pour water into the base. 

Marvin's Magic Ultimate 365 Magic Tricks & Illusions - £33.98 | Amazon

Marvin's Magic Ultimate 365 Magic Tricks & Illusions - £33.98 | Amazon

Best for: Budding magicians | Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: No

If your child is a budding magician, let their imagination run wild with this epic magic set from Marvin’s Magic. The mega set includes 365 tricks, one for each day of the year, with child-friendly props designed specifically for kids even if they have no prior magic experience and an informative booklet to help them get started. Some of the best tricks include the Amazing Magician’s Magic Cards, Magic Cups and Balls, Astounding Mind Reading Canisters, Houdini Chains and more.

“This is a really special magic set for any budding Harry Potter or Hermione Granger,” said Katherine, mum to Teddy. “There is so much to do (how can there be 365 tricks in just one box!) that we found it was best just to dive in and try something. There are some fun tricks to learn and Ted quickly mastered the Magic Cups and Balls trick and a few of the sleight of hand tricks. 

"There’s a clever Marvin’s Magic app which offers detailed video instructions which is really helpful and a booklet with lots of details. We’ll certainly be learning more magic over the summer holidays, ready to impress the grandparents when they are over visiting.”

Tap It Game - £22 | Amazon 

Tap It Game - £22 | Amazon 

Best for: Memory | Age suitability: 6+ | Batteries required: Yes, 

Stoke up some friendly competition with this high-energy, fast paced game of Tap It. The product comes with four different modes to play, including the Tap It, Pong, Switch and Memory game. 

As its name suggests, playing in a group, the idea with Tap It is to see who can tap their coloured pod the most number of times in the allocated time-frame. If you're playing Pong, you'll need to line up your pods in a sequence and then 'pass' the light from one side of the line to the other. While Switch will see you tap the different pods to light them up. The memory game challenges you to repeat the light-up sequence. So as you can see, the fun is endless! 

Galt Toys Explosive Experiments - £18.99 | Amazon

Galt Toys Explosive Experiments - £18.99 | Amazon

Best for: Adventurous wannabe scientists | Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: No

Which kid doesn’t want to perform hair-raising experiments from the comfort of their own home? This Explosive Experiments science kit from Galt Toys will appeal to adventurous kids. It allows children to do everything from creating and launching a rocket to making a lava lamp, while introducing them to the fun side of science. 

'What could be more fun for a ten-year-old boy than a game that has a ‘Messy Warning’?!' Katherine, mum to Teddy, told us. 'There was much hilarity setting up some of these experiments – and there are plenty to do so it’ll keep you busy. Our favourites were the Exploding Volcano and firing up the Plastic Rocket. 

'We didn’t always get them exactly right the first time round but that actually added to the fun and we always got there in the end. There’s plenty in the Horrible Science set to keep the children happy but it’s worth mentioning that you’ll need to set some time aside as adult supervision is a definite requirement!'.

Stay Active Jump-It Wipe Out - £49.99 | Very 

Stay Active Jump-It Wipe Out - £49.99 | Very 

Best for: Staying active | Age suitability: 6+ | Batteries required: Yes, 6 x D Batteries 

With summer fast approaching, there has never been a better time to get them outside and into some fresh air. And what better way to encourage that than with a game of Stay Active's, Jump-It Wipe Out. 

Challenge them to put their leaping and coordination skills to the test with the fast and fun jump challenge fitness game. The rotating soft foam jump bar swings around forcing you to jump or you'll be wiped out (not literally). They can practice jumping against the clock, take on the 'Challenge Mode' or try their luck at the Reverse Mode. 

Xplora XGO2 Smartwatch - £119.99 | AmazonBest for: Age suitability: Batteries required:

Xplora XGO2 Smartwatch - £119.99 | AmazonBest for: Encouraging safe independence | Age suitability: 5 - 12 | Batteries required: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required (included)

Children aged 10 will no doubt already be obsessed with technology, but if you’re worried it’s too early to buy them their own phone, the Xplora XGO2 Smartwatch is a great compromise. The smartwatch has impressive tech specs, with a touch colour LCD screen, a 0.3-megapixel camera and 4GB storage. 

To put parents’ mind at ease, there are plenty of safety features too. For example, when wearing and using the device, children can make and receive voice calls from pre-saved numbers only, and the watch doesn’t have access to social media. There’s also a School Mode to avoid distractions in class, with only the watch clock showing but calls and messages disabled. 

'Alisha has been after a phone for a while, but I was concerned about the safeguarding aspect of it as she is only ten, so this watch was a good compromise,' said Alia, mum to Alisha. 'The design is very stylish and it is comfortable to wear. It gets the balance right in terms of not too babyish but not too grown up either. It is easy to use and the main screen is easy for children to navigate with lots of features that children will enjoy such as the camera, which is great for selfies and school trips, the step counter and games. 

'She also loved that she could download music. Another added bonus was it encouraged Alisha to learn to tell the time. As a parent, I was very impressed with the safety features such as the GPS feature (which will be handy when she starts walking home herself) and the fact that they cannot receive unsolicited calls which is very reassuring. Although the product is aimed at the age five to 11 age group, I think a lot of children would be happy to carry on using it when they are above that age range because it looks good and has most of the features they would need.'

Best for: Age suitability:Batteries required:
Geosafari Jr. Seascope - £31 | Toy Street

Best for: Learning | Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: Yes, 3 AA batteries

Fascinated by the sea? At the tender age of 10, most kids are. So if help them discover a hidden underwater world with GeoSafari's SeaScope. 

The clever toy lets intrigued explorers cast an eye into ponds, lakes, rock pools and streams thanks to the  5x magnification and built-in LED torch that illuminates what’s going on below the surface. 

The toy even comes with a thermometer and ruler so kids can record what they 'sea'.

Super Mario Hover Shell Strike Air Hockey - £15 | John LewisBest for: Age suitability: Batteries required:

Super Mario Hover Shell Strike Air Hockey - £15 | John Lewis
Best for:
Bringing the arcade home | Age suitability: 4+ | Batteries required: Yes

Bring the fun of an arcade to your home with this Super Mario Air Hockey game. Suitable for up to four players, the tabletop game is addictive, fun and challenging, with the puck gliding on a cushion of air. 

"My son really loves this air hockey game – it was much bigger than he expected and has already provided several hours of entertainment,” said Kate, mum to Peter, who reviewed a slightly different version of this game for us, which is currently out of stock. “The game is quite straightforward to play, and it’s fast, furious, and lots of fun! We particularly like that there are a few different game options. 

"As well as being suitable for two players there is also a one-player game if you’re on your own – where you can knock over Mario character tokens, which my son really enjoys. The pieces are all brightly coloured, and we like that there are several different shaped pucks which fly around the table in different ways, which make it more challenging to defend your goal from.”

Tobar 13049 French Skipping Elastic, Multicolour - £4 | Amazon 

Tobar 13049 French Skipping Elastic, Multicolour - £4 | Amazon 

Best for: Being active| Age suitability: 6+ | Batteries required: No

Sometimes, it's the small toys that can bring hours worth of fun. And this multicoloured French skipping rope is a great example of that. 

The rules? Two children stand inside the loop so they are stretching it relatively taut around their ankles. While a  third kid jumps in and out of the rope performing a series of skips. Watch as they come up with their own skipping routine and keep themselves entertained around the clock. 

EUGY 3D Panda Model - £8| Amazon

EUGY 3D Panda Model - £8| Amazon

Best for: Encouraging creativity | Age suitability: 3+ | Batteries required: No

For a creative challenge that will leave your child with a beautiful keepsake, try one of EUGY’s build-your-own 3D models. Made from eco-friendly card, children will be challenged to assemble their own unique craft collectible, with educational fun facts included too, and lots of animals to choose from, from pandas and gorillas to corgis and chameleons. 

“Kitty loves pandas, so was thrilled when she saw the kit,” said Lucy, mum to Kitty. “She was easily able to construct the model independently. The finished model was declared super-cute and she definitely enjoyed the making process as she's expressed an interest in buying another animal with her pocket money. It would make a great gift for an eight to an 11 year old.”

Decathlon Discovery Soft Archery Set - £40 | Argos

Decathlon Discovery Soft Archery Set - £40 | Argos

Best for: Practising aim| Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: No

What does your 10 year old want to be when they grow up? If it's an archery expert, we've got just the thing. 

Help them test their aiming skills with a spot of archery. Simply set up the target 5-10 metres away and let them shoot their bow (which comes with suction cup tips for safety) towards the target. Coming with 1 bow and 2 arrows, this is fun for all the family. 

Tamagotchi - £59.99 | AmazonGood for: | Age suitability: Batteries required:

Tamagotchi - £59.99 | Amazon
Good for: Role play | Age suitability: 6+ | Batteries required: 2 x AAA 

If you had a Tamagotchi as a child, you’ll remember the hours of fun they provided - so why not give your child the same experience? The Tamagotchi Pix is packed with features, including an interactive colour screen, a built-in camera and loads of games to make raising your virtual pet bags of fun. 

“I love this toy!” Felix, our 10-year-old tester, told us. “It’s cool how every day at the arcade there’s a new theme. I love the fact that when you press ‘explore’, it accesses the inbuilt camera and shows your Tamagotchi in real life. I also really like that when you go on ‘cook’ you take photographs of real food and make your Tamagotchi a meal. It’s really clever how at night your Tamagotchi goes to bed. Overall I think it’s a really good toy.”

Wahu Zoom Ball - £10 | Amazon 

Wahu Zoom Ball - £10 | Amazon 

Good for: Catching skills | Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: 2 x AAA

The idea with this ball game is easy — grab a friend or family member and each hold onto the handle. 

When you're ready, begin to pull the handles away from you to try and get the ball to hit your opponent's side.  The first to get the ball to the other side wins! Whether you play it indoors or outdoors, this will keep them busy, and entertained and fire up some competitive spirit.