Best toys for 9 year olds in 2024: 16 games to shop right now

Let playtime commence with the best toys for 9 year olds that will keep them engaged and entertained

The best toys for 9 year olds on a purple background — including Harry Potter, a sewing kit and arts and crafts
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Wondering what are the best toys for nine-year-olds? Wonder no more — we've compiled a comprehensive list of fun and age-appropriate finds.

Keeping up with the best toys for your not-so-little-one can be hard, whether you're shopping for the top Christmas toys or just thinking about something new for the toy box. One minute they love LEGO and the next they're into arts and crafts. According to Research Psychologist Dr. Amanda Gummer, the type of toys a nine-year-old likes to play with changes as their skills develop and their understanding of the world evolves. Meaning?

"A child of this age moves from trial and error to making predictions, reasoning and more abstract thought," Dr Gummer explains. "The best toys for nine-year-olds based on this include construction toys, science kits, board games and card games A child's understanding of morality is also changing from 'rule-based' to 'empathy'. Small-world play can help them better understand social situations. So think of toys such a Playmobil, LEGO, or other play sets that reflect real-world locations and scenarios."

Dr Gummer says games that involve logic and strategy can also be fun for nine-year-olds as they are able to deal with more abstract scenarios and hypothetical situations at this age.

With that in mind, we've scoured the internet to source the best toys for your nine-year-old with prices starting from just over £10.

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The best toys for 9 year olds in 2024

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1. Photo Creator Instant Camera

The Studio Creator Photo Creator

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Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: 1 x Lithium Polymer batteries required (included)

This pocket-sized instant camera was a huge hit with our Deputy Editor's nine-year-old daughter who happily volunteered to review it. It's packed with cool features including 20+ fun photo filters and effects, a shutter timer to help you capture group selfies, and even a video recording mode. Included in the box along with the camera is a 4GB micro SD card, four thermal paper rolls, plus four colored pens and a sticker sheet. In other words, everything your budding photographer needs for hours of camera fun, so we think it's brilliant value for money too.

"We're lucky enough to get sent lots of toys to try out but nothing has captured my daughter's attention or interest quite as dynamically as this fun digital camera," says our Deputy Ed. From snapping her friends to printing and personalizing the prints, she has literally wiled away hours entertaining herself with this cool gadget. I hear lots of her friends have it on their birthday wish lists now too!"


2. My First Cook Book by David Atherton

My First Cook Book

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Age suitability: 5+ | Batteries required: No

By age 9 kids will be keen to get cooking and baking on their own and perhaps even prepare a meal for the whole family, with a little assistance.

You can help your child develop a sense of increased responsibility by taking the lead and setting them tasks as you cook together.

There are a number of cookbooks for kids you can buy online, but we particularly like My First Cook Book: Bake, Make and Learn to Cook, which will help them become mini Masterchefs. Written by the 2019 winner of The Great British Bake Off this book comes filled with delicious recipes both sweet and savory. Kids can choose from savory recipes such as 'Veggie rolls', to sweet ones including 'Golden Crumble Pots'.


3. Disney Colourbrain Board Game for Kids

Disney Colour Brain

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Age suitability: From 3+ | Batteries required: No

9 year olds have the focus and ability to concentrate for longer periods.

By they most probably have the ability to play more strategy-based board games that require planning and a little less luck to win. Big Potato sells a host of board games including The Disney Colourbrain Trivia Edition.

Suitable for 2 or more players there are 298 cards in the game and a scorebook. And the clue to the game is in the title as kids need to answer colour-related Disney questions such as ‘What colour was the poisoned apple in Snow White?’

VIEW AT AMAZON | £19.99, now £15.99

4. Dominic Sandbrook history books

Dominic Sandbrook

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Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: No

By age 9 children may be reading more independently and not have the same 'book before bed' night-time routine with their parents every night, but it's important to encourage them to read every day. Buying them books that will captivate their interest and draw them into the story will help encourage reading by making it fun and effortless.

The recently launched collection from Penguin is definitely worth looking up. Adventures in Time by Dominic Sandbrook includes books on The Second World War, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, The First World War and Alexander the Great. These series of books have been written to teach kids the history of the 21st century in an engaging and age-appropriate way. It’s a series that will work well for fans of Horrible Histories but who are ready for a more in-depth read.


5. Playmobil Space 9488 Mars Mission Rocket

Playmobil Space 9488 Mars Mission Rocket

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Age suitability: 6+ | Batteries required: 2 x AA batteries required

Playmobil is so much more than just the figures with the u-shaped hands these days, with sets spanning everything from horse farms to hidden temples bursting with wild critters.

The perfect imaginative play tool, there's nothing better for encouraging that 'small world' play and imaginary play the experts recommend. We particularly like the look of the Space 9488 Mars Mission Rocket with launch site, for children ages 6 and up.


6. Galt Toys Sewing kit

Galt Toys Sewing Kit

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Age suitability: 7+ | Batteries required: No

With their motor skills honed and their ability to be more precise getting better all the time, 9 year olds can tackle more complicated crafts such as sewing that also require longer periods of focus and concentration. They may be taking a bit more of an interest in fashion and want to get creative. In design technology, they may also be covering things such as sewing and other home crafts.

For the ultimate beginner, try a simple step-by-step sewing set, but for learners with a bit more of a knack for it you can try more complicated kits or even a beginner's sewing machine. We like the Galt Toys Sewing Kit that includes everything you need to make a cottage cushion, puppy handbag, bunting, cupcake box, hedgehog pincushion and lavender heart.

VIEW AT AMAZON | £20, now £14,69

7. Purse pets

Purse Pets

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Age suitability: 5+ | Batteries required: No

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, in comes Purse Pets. These interactive pet stroke purses come in a range of characters including this ‘Glamicorn Unicorn’, pictured above. There are a range of purse pets to choose from that each come in their own fun colorway and provide 25 sounds and reactions.

The purse pet responds to touch and even blinks and interacts by purring, blowing kisses and ‘playing fashion’ show music. 9 year olds can use it as a fashion accessory, but also look after it just as they would a pet – perhaps without the feeding. And if your child has been nagging you to buy a cat or dog and you're not keen, then this may just be the distraction you need.


8. Levelled up Art Supplies

TBC The Best Crafts Acrylic Paint Set

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Age suitability: 5+ | Batteries required: No

By age 9 kids normally have an arts and crafts kit of some sort at home, but their ability and skills will have developed beyond just sticking and colouring.

Buying them paints or supplies that can be used on multiple materials - think plastic, glass, clay — and not just paper will come in handy when the inevitable school projects start rolling in. It also enables a 9 year old to expand their crafting horizons to design and create things from scratch.


9. EUGY Make Your Own kits


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Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: No

Build-your-own kits require logic and focus, which is why they are great for 9-year-olds. Construction toys for 9 year olds tend to need a greater level of attention to detail than sets aimed at younger kids too.

We love sustainable arts and crafts range from EUGY, which features 40 different 3D models to collect and create. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are educational too and are sure to be a big craze in 2023 and beyond. They take about 30 minutes to put together and have step-by-step instructions to assemble in sequence. Kids can choose to build a range of animals including a polar bear to a hedgehog.


10. Science Mad Chemistry Lab

Science Mad Chemistry Lab

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Age suitability: 10+ | Batteries required: No

Kids at this age love getting stuck in. Science kits will really feed their curiosity and desire to make things and make a mess! Great for learning through play, science kits provide all the tools kids need to explore and experiment. If you're looking for a good science set to buy try the Science Mad Chemistry Lab, £29.99, which has 10 chemicals in the box, a spirit burner, glass test tubes, vessels, apparatus, safety glasses and an instruction manual.

It's worth bearing in mind that you'll need a few household items to carry out the experiments including vinegar, salt and turmeric. If you're giving this box set as a gift you may want to include those items too. Please note that the box says its suitable for 10+, but we think a 9 year old would love this kit too provided they are playing with it under careful supervision from an adult. That's why we have included it in our round up of the best toys for 9 year olds in 2021.

VIEW AT AMAZON | £29.99, now £28.99

11. Battle Royale Collection Bus by Fortnite


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Age suitability: 8+| Batteries required: No

Love it or hate it, your child will probably have been introduced to Fortnite by the age of 9 and they may well be completely mesmerised with the computer game.

Limiting screen time is still important, so buying toys that can be played with off-screen, but still feed their interest in the game, is a good alternative. 9 year olds will love the Battle Royale Collection Bus.

The 13-inch tall Fortnight battle bus lets kids store their characters inside and is a great starting piece for kids to grow their collection of Fortnite-themed toys.


12. The Den Kit Company's Original Den Building Kit

Den Building Kit

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Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: No

9 year olds will love the chance to create a space that is entirely their own or to play inside with friends. An outdoor den provides the perfect place for them to enjoy a little me-time and feel like they are independent. If they are fans of all things outdoorsy and forest school, they will love The Den Kit Company's Original Den Building Kit.

Inside the bag they will find a cotton khaki haversack bag, a camouflage tarpaulin made from tough, waterproof polyethylene and a green groundsheet. There's also a mug, face paint for camouflaging in the woods and some jute rope. To finish the kit they'll find 8 steel tent pegs in a drawstring tent peg bag. 'My kids are always building dens around the house and this den kit would be ideal in the summer months when they can use it in the garden,' says Jenny, mum to Logan and Becky. 'It's something a little different and the kit makes the whole process of building a den that bit more special.'


13. Micro Scooters Stunt Scooter

Micro Scooter Stunt Scooter

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Age suitability: 5-10 years | Batteries required: No

If your child doesn't have these already, then they're probably asking for at least one of them. Great for playing alone or with friends, encouraging physical activity and letting kids explore the limit of their own bravery at this age, many kids love nothing better than a trip down to the skate park with a scooter.

The latest addition to the Micro Scooter range includes the rather wonderful Chilli Pro Base scooter in a rainbow neochrome finish. It’s great for any adventurous kid who wants a chance to try out their first stunt scooter as it provides the ideal support and balancing frame. Ideal for ages 5-10 years, it has a handlebar height of up to 760mm and is suited for a child up to 170cm.

VIEW AT MICRO SCOOTER | £104.95, now £83

14. Geosmart Flip Bot

GeoSmart Flip Bot

(Image credit: .)

Age suitability: 5+ | Batteries required: Yes

Any child that has loved playing with magnets in their younger years will love the Geosmart Flip Bot toy. It comes with 30 pieces in the box including squares, diamonds, wheels and connectors so kids can creat their own Flip Bot! and use the remote to control it.

This motorised magnetic racing toy will zoom around, spin and flip. Using Geosmarts colorful magnetic shapes the flip bot can be constructed in a number of ways to keep young minds engaged each time they play with it. 'My little boy was already a fan of Geosmart's multicolored construction magnetics so this Flip Bot felt like the next level,' says Gemma, mum to Oliver. 'He's already got his eye on Geosmart's Lunar Rover toy for his next birthday.'

VIEW AT AMAZON | £40.96, now £15.15

15. Artie Max the Coding Drawing Robot

Artie Max

(Image credit: .)

Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: Yes

Construction toys continue a child's education into how things work and these days many of these toys will include elements of coding or electronics. This not only makes the finished product more exciting for children, but also sets them up with some important skills for the future.

We think Artie Max the Coding Drawing Robot makes for a great toy for 9 year olds. Kids can learn up to five coding languages using Artie Max. It comes with pre-programmed codes including Blockly, Snap!, JavaScript, Python and C++. Kids will need access to a tablet or computer to create code, which in turn will make Artie draw on paper using the 3 colour-coded pens. We think coding toys are always worth considering for kids, which is why the Artie Max has made it onto our list of best toys for 9 year olds in 2023.


16. Pictionary Air Harry Potter Family Drawing Game

Harry Potter

(Image credit: .)

Age suitability: 8+ | Batteries required: No

Young Harry Potter fans may like to try this Pictionary Air game, which is a twist on the classic drawing game and is sure to bring a lot of laughs to all the family. Each player needs to be assigned to a Harry Potter house and you will need access to a screen be able to uncover the clues. Each player has to then take it turns to draw in the air using the Harry Potter wand, which can be seen on screen.

If Harry Potter is a particular favorite for your 9 year old, you could also consider buying the Harry Potter Brainbox card game. This is equally fun to play with a group of friends and family.

VIEW AT AMAZON | was £27.99, now £11.99

How do you entertain a 9 year old?

Even if you've got the best toys for 9 year olds at home, it can be difficult to know how to entertain them, as they can appear disinterested in everything.

Catherine Lynch, senior manager at PlanBee and a qualified Play Therapist, explains that this is normal for children of this age:

'9 year olds tend to be concrete and logical. They are often self-determined, self-motivated and can appear detached and disinterested in their parents/caregivers, preferring to do things in their own way and own time, often working slowly and methodically.'

Catherine suggests that one of the best ways to entertain 9 year olds is to allow them to play with their peers when possible and give them room to play independently if they want to:

'Parents and caregivers of 9 year olds can support children by providing opportunities for them to be independent and have social interactions with friends. Try not to take it personally or feel rejected when the child wants to have their own space and privacy.'

While you're shopping for the best toys for nine-year-olds, you might also be interested in our guide to choosing the best toys for 10-year-olds. We've also got guides on choosing the best toys for eight-year-olds.

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