Best toys for 9 year olds in 2021

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  • The great thing about picking from the best toys for 9 year olds is that there are so many options. Yes, this can make choosing a toy as a gift or present can be tough, which is why we’ve rounded up the best toys for 9 year olds in 2021 below to help you choose.

    From constructions toys to card games, books to baking, we’ve got all bases covered…

    What are the best toys for 9 year olds?

    Research Psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer explained to us that because of a child’s development at this age, the type of toys the like to play with also change as their skills develop and their understanding of the world evolves.

    She laid out three major changes you might see in children of this age and what the best toys for 9 year olds are based on this:

    • Child of this age moving from trial and error to making predictions, reasoning, and more abstract thought. The best toys for 9 year olds based on this are: construction toys, science kits, board games and card games.
    • A child’s understanding of morality is also changing from ‘rule-based’ to ’empathy’. Small world play can help them better understand social situations. So think of toys such a Playmobil, Lego, or other play sets that reflect real world locations and scenarios.
    • Logic and strategy games can be fun for children as they are able to deal with more abstract scenarios and hypothetical situations at this age.

    How do you entertain a 9 year old?

    Even if you’ve got the best toys for 9 year olds at home, it can be difficult to know how to entertain them, as they can appear disinterested in everything.

    9 year olds together on blue backdrop in summer

    9 year olds want to do things and play their way – and that’s okay. (Most of the time!)

    Catherine Lynch, senior manager at PlanBee and a qualified Play Therapist, explains that this is normal for children of this age:

    “9 year olds tend to be concrete and logical. They are often self-determined, self-motivated and can appear detached and disinterested in their parents/caregivers, preferring to do things in their own way and own time, often working slowly and methodically.

    Catherine suggests that one of the best ways to entertain 9 year olds is to allow them to play with their peers when possible and give them room to play independently if they want to:

    “Parents and caregivers of 9 year olds can support children by providing opportunities for them to be independent and have social interactions with friends. Try not to take it personally or feel rejected when the child wants to have their own space and privacy. “