5 reasons Donald Duck has stood the test of time for 90 years, plus our favourite toys released for his birthday

As Donald Duck turns 90, we take a look at why he's still so popular all these years later, and reveal our faves from the new toys released celebrate

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Donald Duck is 90. The iconic Disney character has been embedded in the public consciousness for almost a century, after making his first appearance on screen in 1934. Since then his likeness has been seen in countless cartoons, films, toys and memorabilia.

And it didn't stop there. If you had any of the best toys of the 90s, you probably also remember Donald's nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie and their antics in DuckTales on Saturday morning TV.

While Donald might not feature in the list of the best kids toys 2024, we take a look and why this Disney stalwart has stood the test of time, and show you some of the new toys that have been released in honour of his big birthday.

5 reasons why Donald Duck is an icon

  1. That voice - Donald's semi-intelligible speech is instantly recognisable, sounds like nothing else, and no matter how many times you practise your impression - it's very difficult to imitate. But boy will your kids have fun trying!
  2. His mood is so relatable - Donald can be having a good day, then something will come along to ruin it, and it makes Donald mad and pessimistic. Actually, are we sure Donald isn't actually a human?
  3. He's an army hero - during World War Two, the Disney Studios in Burbank, California were occupied by the US Army for eight months. Walt Disney was approached with requests to make propaganda films, which ultimately saw Donald Duck join the army, fight for his country and be framed as a patriotic hero.
  4. He doesn't give up - no matter how many times Donald gets knocked down, he always gets up again ready to start a new day.
  5. He's a fixture at Disneyland - Donald might not appear in Disney movies of late, his likeness, along with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, is so ingrained in Disney's legacy that he can meet a whole new legion of fans at Disney theme parks around the world.

Donald's popularity on and off screen have earned him numerous accolades. Movies he's been in have been nominated for multiple Oscars, and he's even got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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New Donald Duck toys for his birthday

To celebrate his 90th birthday, The Walt Disney Company is collaborating with big-name brands, such as Adidas, ASOS, Funko, Pandora and the Disney Store to launch some new products and collections. These include everything from toys and collectibles to jewellery and clothing.

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