Magic Mixies Pixlings are a bestseller - but are they worth the money? We put this toy through its paces to find out

Magic by name and magic by nature? We review Magic Mixies Pixlings to see if it lives up to the hype

Magic Mixies Pixlings review
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GoodtoKnow Verdict

Magic by name and magic by nature - this toy nails the magical reveal. The packaging is engaging and immediately sparks curiosity. Every step of the potion mixing reinforces this point, building the anticipation towards the reveal. The potion turns a magical inky blue, then once the magic words are spoken and the gem is pressed, the potion turns clear and the doll miraculously appears. The doll itself is adorable, posable and the ultimate goal.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Reveal is indeed magical

  • +

    Process is really engaging

  • +

    Pixling doll doesn't disappoint

  • +

    Sparks wonder and imagination

  • +

    No batteries required

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Magic reveal is a one-time thing

  • -

    Parental supervision is needed

  • -

    RRP is expensive

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It's a bestseller, but does Magic Mixings Pixlings live up to the hype? We put it through its paces to find out.

Suitable for children aged 5 and upwards, Magic Mixies Pixlings is part of the wider Magic Mixies range of mix and make toys. Released in July 2023, Magic Mixies Pixlings have gone on to become a bestseller and top rated toy at the likes of Amazon, Smyths and Very.

This toy promises a enchanting experience as kids create a magical potion, say the magic words and press the crystal gem to reveal their very own beautiful Pixling doll, complete with their own very special potion power. And it doesn't disappoint!

As I was testing this toy, all I could think about was how much my six-year-old Goddaughter would love it, and so I also included it in our guide to the best toys for six-year olds.

There are five different Pixling dolls to collect, a feat made easier by the fact you can choose which you buy rather than having to gamble and hope you get one you don't already have. This is easier online as the toys are usually listed with the Pixling name and doll's picture, making it easier to tell which you are buying, but you might not have a similar experience if you were buying in a shop. However, if you pay attention to the gem stones that appear on the front of the gold lid, then that will indicate which Pixling will be found inside: a purple gem for Unia, the Unicorn Pixling; pink for Deerlee, the Deer Pixling; orange for Amber, the Dragon Pixling; green for Faye, the Fairy Pixling; and blue for Marena, the Mermaid Pixling.

Magic Mixies Pixlings packaging and set up

Magic Mixies Pixlings come with minimal packaging - provided to you keep the the large potion bottle for other uses (we list some ideas for what these other uses could be later in this review). If you find you have no need for the potion bottle after the initial reveal, then it's effectively a lot of packaging for a doll.

While the inner plastic packaging around the doll is recyclable, the outer sleeve and potion pouches are not.

When it comes to set up, the good news is, once you've removed the outer sleeve, and the paper ring and acetate tab from the gold lid, you're pretty much ready to go. You don't need any batteries (or screwdrivers to remove packaging that appears welded to the toy) - but you will need:

  • a pair of scissors
  • about half a litre of water in an easy pour jug or bottle
  • a tea towel
  • a plate, tray, or waterproof mat to catch any spillage (optional).

Magic Mixies Pixlings Ingredients - what you need

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Right off the bat, the design of Magic Mixies Pixlings is engaging. The potion bottle is instantly exciting to look at, with it's gold lid, colourful gems, and equally gem-like crystal that sits on the top. It's mysterious too - even when you remove the outer sleeve of packaging, you can't see which Pixling doll is inside, but you do get to see the potion ingredients being added, which is another fun element.

The potion bottle itself feels substantial, so there's no need to worry about little hands squeezing it out of shape, or squeezing the potion out mid-magical mixing! Nothing about this feels flimsy or cheap.

The design absolutely embodies the magic world of the Pixlings, where potions are said to flow from waterfalls and fountains. It feels enchanting and mystical before you even start with the potion making, so is sure to spark the imagination and creativity of young minds.

What age is Magic Mixies Pixlings suitable for?

Magic Mixies Pixlings are suitable for children between five and 12 - although I'm considerably older then 12 and I loved it! For kids of this age range, toys like this not only gets their creative and imaginative juices flowing, but also help teach delayed gratification by encouraging certain steps or processes to be completed before getting to the good stuff at the centre.

What's Magic Mixies Pixlings like to play with?

The potion mixing process is fun. There are two pouches of dark blue 'magic elixir', paper stars and, for the Pixling in our potion bottle, a paper dragon's egg.

Important note

Make sure you follow the instructions to mix the potion so you don't inadvertently remove a part that could spoil the end result.

There's no need to take the gold lid off when mixing the potion, there's a very handy opening on the lid where you can pour in all the ingredients. Should there be any spillage, don't worry. The inky blue elixir might look like it'll stain everything it comes into contact with, it doesn't. It wipes off any surfaces easily, and dries clear.

You'll also need about half a litre of water to add to the potion (through the opening on the lid) up to the fill line, and this would definitely be difficult if you tried to use a glass or mug to pour it in. I used a measuring jug which worked well, with zero-spillage. Little ones will love being able to watch the potion mix together through the potion bottle's sides. If you need to give it an encouraging hand to mix, gently roll the upright potion bottle back and forth between your hands. Don't pick it up to shake otherwise your potion will splosh out everywhere.

And the mystic fun doesn't end when you've mixed the potion - there's a magic phrase to uncover too. Then when the crystal gem on the top is twisted (this action slides a lid over the lid's opening), and pressed down twice (users are advised to press it hard), the potion starts to clear, revealing the Pixling doll inside.

The Pixling sits in an inner tube, so is completely dry, although there might be some liquid in the base of the inner tube, and the lid, so make sure you have a tea-towel handy.

In our test, we got Amber, the Dragon Pixling, whose potion power is inner strength, who encourages those who meet her to be brave, which is a lovely sentimental touch. The posable doll is really detailed with Pixling features that feel otherworldly and exciting - fans of Monster High dolls will love Pixlings.

Once you're done with the reveal, you could find other uses for the potion bottle - you could use it to mix other homepade potions, or to storing smaller items like LEGOs, hair accessories, or even a moneybox (especially with that handy hole in the lid).

Can you repeat the magical reveal?

Sadly you can't repeat the magic reveal process with Magic Mixies Pixlings, which is the only downside of this toy. Once you've used the ingredients, they're gone, and you can't buy refills (although it is possible to buy refills for other Magic Mixie toys). You could try and mix your own homemade potions, but it's unlikely you'll be able to recreate the blue elixir turning clear element, which is a bit of a show-stopper moment.

Is Magic Mixies Pixlings worth the money?

With an RRP of £24.99, and a one time only reveal, Magic Mixies Pixlings does fall at the more expensive end of the scale. However, some Pixlings are cheaper than others, and if you can find them on sale, then it's absolutely worth while snapping them up at a cheaper price. For example, at the time of writing Marena the Mermaid Pixling was on sale for £12.50 on Amazon, while Unia, the Unicorn Pixling was selling for £24.99.

Taking the price out of the equation, the magic reveal is genuinely thrilling, and the doll is great - I know my six-year-old Goddaughter (who is a big Monster High fan) would love Magic Mixies Pixlings. For a kid, a toy that offers mystical and magical fun, with a fun surprise is sure to get top marks.

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