You can now calculate if it will rain on your big day with this wedding weather calculator!

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You can control nearly every single aspect of you big day, but there is one detail that will always come down to pot luck.

Tying the knot is, undoubtedly, one very big deal. However, dreams of a barefoot ceremony on the beach are often a little tricky with the weather in good ol' Blighty.

However, expectant bride-and-grooms can now breathe a little easier - as a 'wedding weather calculator' has now been created by retailer Monsoon!

The calculator will now give wedding planners a better idea as to whether guests will need a brolly or a sun parasol on the big day.

The magic behind the genius all lies within science, of course - as Monsoon have analysed 86 years of official Met Office rainfall data to predict the percentage chance of rain in your chosen regional area on the selected date.

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Even more helpfully, the calculator will also advise on the soonest drier date if the nuptials fall amid a classic British rain fall.

According to the official wedding calculator site, (opens in new tab) the classic August wedding might not actually be such a good idea - as the data shows that in fact August is on average the wettest month during summer, with 3.09mm of rainfall a day.

Those looking to keep their hair in perfect condition would be best to wed during the month of April - despite the 'April showers'  myth.

April is believed to be the driest month of the year, with an average daily rainfall of just 2.29mm. In fact, the 15th April tops the charts as the driest day of the year in the UK.

The good news? At least those who don't mind getting hitched under a brolly won't have as long too wait - as wedding dates during wetter periods of the year will undoubtedly drop in interest!

It's fair to say that brides are becoming very resourceful when it comes to planning their perfect day.

In fact, one genius bride even shared a pretty incredible hack for going to the bathroom during her wedding. (opens in new tab)

Which is, of course, primary knowledge for all brides to be,.

Words by Alice Perry

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