Kate Middleton reveals why she gave up tennis after having Prince George and Princess Charlotte

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  • Kate Middleton has revealed why she gave up tennis and became less sporty after having Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

    The Duchess of Cambridge was known for her love of sports, which included running cross country, swimming, and playing field hockey.

    She was also part of a rowing team and loves to ski, but one of her favourite sports has always been tennis, a passion she’s already started to pass onto to her daughter, Princess Charlotte (who’s said to have a natural talent for it).

    But after becoming a mum, it seems that Kate is leaving her sporty past behind. While on an official visit to Bond Primary School in Mitcham, where she went to see the work of the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative, the mum said that she now finds it harder to practice sports because of her children.

    ‘A big thank you from me as well because I’ve loved playing with you all – it’s so energetic and exciting to be part of it, so well done for all the hard work’, she told the children at the school.

    ‘And I love tennis. I think it’s a great sport, I was really sporty when I was little, less so now that I’ve got lots of babies.’

    On the visit, the Duchess of Cambridge also revealed that her and William used to be ‘very competitive’ when they played tennis against each other.

    The school’s head teacher, Mrs Despo Stevens, said: ‘She said she plays tennis with William and that they’re very competitive, but she didn’t say who wins.’

    Kate is currently pregnant with her third child

    The mum-of-two, who’s currently expecting her third child, also added that she’s been trying to get Prince George into the sport too.

    ‘She said she is trying to play tennis with Prince George and said that he is enjoying some of the extra curricular clubs at school’, Mrs Stevens added.

    Just last November, her and William received a visit from tennis pro and personal friend Roger Federer, at Kensignton Palace, who stopped by so that his four children could have a play date with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.