The important reason women are renaming C sections ‘belly births’

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  • Women are calling to see C sections have their name changed to ‘belly births’.

    And the reason why mothers are asking for swap to be made regarding the terminology is simple – they believe it’ll empower those who were unable to experience giving birth naturally.

    First on the agenda for Flor Cruz – a childbirth educator from the States – is a re-evaluation of the way the delivery method is discussed.

    ‘Changing the outlook on belly births starts with how we speak about them,’ she told Babble.

    ‘The term “cesarean” or “C section” is what we say to describe a major abdominal surgery; [it] doesn’t respectfully pay homage to everything a family endured to get their baby here safely.

    ‘Belly birth connects the mother more to the baby instead of the connecting her to the surgery aspect. It reminds the mother and others that a birth happened, not just a surgery. It humanises the mode of delivery and puts the family right back into the driver’s seat.’

    Flor continued to suggest that the change would also help provide comfort those who’ve had a caesarian.

    She added: ‘I find it serves as a bit of healing for families who had a belly birth. It connects them on a deeper level to the birth.’

    This sentiment is echoed by Jordan Grisson, who was forced to have her child via an emergency caesarean following complications during labour.

    The 28-year-old’s baby was found to be breech when she was 9.5cm dilated. Being told that she would have to undergo the procedure caused a great deal of stress to the mum-to-be.

    Truly terrified by the prospect of the operation, the team of medical professionals helping with the birth saw Jordan’s body respond in such a way that she regressed back to 6cm dilated.

    When her labour failed to progress after a few hours, Jordan had no choice but go ahead with the caesarean.

    ‘To me, the term “belly birth” is exactly what a C section is,’ Jordan also revealed to the publication.

    ‘You’re birthing your child through your belly. There are many women who feel as though they’ve failed by having a C section, and that’s just not the case. Using the term “belly birth” pushes the point that we, too, have given birth. It’s just more inclusive.’