Why we’re surprised about Sky Glass’ Cost (in a good way)

The cost of Sky Glass is an investment in escapism, quality, and style.

Sky Glass
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Sky Glass is more than a TV, it’s a lifestyle upgrade. The cost of Sky Glass is an investment, especially as we are now living in the glorious age of on-demand streaming TV.

When it comes to parenting, investment in a solid entertainment and educational package, and a high-quality TV screen for less is a must. After all, screens - alongside lots of outside play - are a very realistic addition to the parenting tool kit. 

Investing in Sky Glass will deliver on that promise of an hour’s silence while your little ones lose themselves in a magical movie, the latest episode of Bluey, or are simply mesmerised by the rare India Blue peafowl on the National Geographic channel. 

 Is it worth getting Sky Glass? 

Yes, we think so, though it does depend on what you need from your TV. If you already have Sky then Sky Glass would be a great upgrade to your television set, you can’t go wrong with Sky Glass TV. It saves space, is sustainable, and really does make binge watching your favourite shows a joy. Check out their reviews page for more feedback.  

If you’re not yet a Sky customer but you want to begin a Sky TV subscription then Sky Glass is one of the smartest ways to enjoy Sky content. It’s also worth noting that with Sky Glass setup is completely fuss-free and is incredibly easy to use, the voice control in the remote means you can avoid fiddling with loads of buttons. And, of course, the content available on Sky, especially when you factor in the built-in streaming services, is impressive. 

Six integrated speakers and a subwoofer come as standard. The Glass comes in five colours and we thin all of them look sleek and stylish. Most importantly, they'll fit with the decor and colour scheme of your home. 

Take a look at the numbers, Sky Glass cost could save you £s. If, like me and my family, you pay for a TV package, internet, and multiple separate streaming services then switching to Sky Glass might actually save you money. When we looked into it we were pleasantly surprised that, by cancelling the additional services we pay for in favour of the cheaper Sky packages, we would make a saving of £8 a month and get a new TV. Win, win.

Take a look to work out your own package and price now; https://www.sky.com/glass

 How much does Sky Glass cost? 

Sky Glass is the new TV from Sky which you buy alongside your Sky subscription. With Sky Glass you get what you pay for, and a bit more (six sub-woofer speakers and voice activation anyone?). You don’t buy Sky Glass as you would a regular TV, it can either be purchased outright or paid for via a monthly subscription with a 0% interest fee. 0%? we love that Sky seems to understand that spending hundreds of pounds in one go is not always possible. 

So you would pay, in addition to your subscription, one of the following;

  • £13 per month for the 43” screen (small)
  • £18 per month for the 55” screen (medium)
  • £23 per month for the 65” screen (large)

Sky glass

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Then, whether you choose to sign up for a 24 or 48-month contract, it’s interest-free. As for the style you’ll be investing in, remember back in the 1990s when Sky first launched, you needed a sky dish attached to your house and a set-top box to enjoy all the channels?  Well, not anymore. Now for the first time all the services that Sky offers are available in a single device, connected wirelessly to the broadband network. 

And Sky Glass is pretty. Really pretty, and available in the three sizes mentioned above and in five different colours: 

  • Ceramic white
  • Dusky pink
  • Racing green
  • Ocean blue 
  • Anthracite black

Invest in a Sky Glass TV and you’ll not only save space - it’s super sleek - making it perfect as a bedroom or playroom choice, but you’ll also enjoy your favourite shows and consume your must-watch content easier than ever before. 

And let's not forget the superior display and sound quality it delivers. Sky Glass is an impressive TV system at a tempting price. It's convenient and easy to use, the specifications are impressive, the audio is great and it's a low-cost monthly add-on to an existing Sky subscription.

Oh, and there’s also the new ‘Hello Sky’ voice control, which allows you to simply talk to the TV to control it, a huge plus if you have daily struggles with a button-loving, remote-control-launching toddler. 

Sky Glass

Sky control and pluck

(Image credit: Sky Glass)

 Can you get Sky Glass without the TV? 

Yes, Sky has confirmed that its Sky Stream is available as a standalone device. This means you can plug the puck into any other TV in the house and stream the full-blown Sky Glass experience over Wi-Fi – without a dish. This is great as it means you don’t have to get rid of your previous screen. You can upgrade and reuse. Worth noting here that while you can get the puck you wouldn’t get the 360⁰ Dolby Atmos sound, or quantum dot screen technology that customers experience with a Sky Glass TV. 

This article is created in partnership with Sky.