3 fun kids' Christmas snacks you need to try

Mummy vlogger Sarah shares 3 super easy party food ideas to make a kids' Christmas party extra fun!

Strawberry Santas
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If you're hosting a kids' party this Christmas (opens in new tab) or you simply want to make things feel more festive at home for the kids, mummy vlogger Sarah shows us three easy ways to get Christmassy and have fun with food!

From cucumber Christmas trees to Rudolph sandwiches, these ideas are all healthy, quick and easy to make so are perfect for a Christmas Eve treat tea or a quick after school snack.

If you have slightly older children you could have them help you make their own, they'll love coming up with expressions for their reindeer sandwiches!

3 fun kid's Christmas snacks you need to try

1. Cucumber Christmas tree

Vegetable salad with tomatoes, cucumber and olives. Christmas tree shape.

First up, this cucumber Christmas tree. 'The children go crazy for it', Sarah says and it's a really simple way to get the kids to eat their veg! You can use cut up pieces of wholewheat bread or carrot sticks to form the trunk of the tree, and sliced cucumber to form the classic triangle Christmas tree shape. Get creative with tomatoes and even raisins to form your decorations and the all important star on top of the tree! You can even serve this up with loads of dips so the kids can get dunking.

2. Rudolph sandwiches

Christmas Reindeer Face Sandwich

For this simple reindeer sandwich all you need to do is get crafty with your bread cutting! Just cut out an oval base and then a bent heart shape for the mouth, add marshmallows for eyes with little black dots, a cranberry for the nose and the crusts as the antlers. It's such a speedy and fun snack hack that you can make in minutes, but will really make the kids very happy! You can choose a filling of your choice and make your children's favourite sandwiches even more fun!

3. Strawberry Santas

Strawberry Santas

How fun are these strawberry Santa hats? 'Just chop the tops off and add squirty cream underneath and on top,' Sarah says for such a fun Christmas snack. The top half looks like a Christmas hat which makes them super fun and a lovely, healthy and sweet snack!

So there you have it, if you're looking for fab fun ways to make your kids' party even more festive, then try any of our snack ideas. They're healthy, fun and the kids absolutely love them, and even better - they'll only take minutes to make!