19 drunk Barbie cakes that will make you glad you have to stay in with the kids

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  • Drunk Barbie cakes are the most hilarious way to celebrate a hen do, birthday, or any other excuse for an evening on the tiles.

    If there’s any girl that knows how to party, it’s Barbie, and these 19 fantastic plastic gals in particular are a marvellous reminder of pretty much every drunken mishap ever made. Just scrolling through them makes us feel particularly smug that we don’t get as many nights out as we used to now that we have little ones around – and frankly, number 10 makes us want to delete the babysitter’s number from our phone altogether.

    From projectile rainbow vomit (oh, to have sick made from hundreds and thousands) to an underwear flash that’s definitely worthy of pixelation, here are 19 of the most outrageous drunk Barbie cakes the internet has to offer.

    We’re suitably ashamed to admit that we recognise a little bit of our younger selves in every single one, and we reckon you might do too…

    You know the score. You started the night sitting pretty


    You were primped, pampered and ready to get that vino well and truly open.

    But it didn’t take long before things started to go sour

    Image: Imgur
    The drooping stance, the glazed expression. It’s a slippery slope from here, Babs.

    Whether you were drinking wine with the girls…

    One bottle per person, naturally…

    … or on beer or spirits

    You’d never discriminate against any of them, to be fair.

    It was only a matter of time before you ended up like this

    The lippy was the least of your problems at this delicate time.

    Putting unsuitable items on your head suddenly became a great idea

    My mother made a very awesome cake for me. πŸ˜…β€ #drunkbarbiecake

    A post shared by KAS (@kimbeauslice_) on

    Traffic cones, pitchers, whatever you could get your hands on.

    You may or may not have ended up flashing your pants

    Even when they were big ol’ Bridget Jones numbers. No regrets.

    Or if you’re honest, a bit more than your pants

    Decorum had well and truly gone out of the window.

    And got a little wilder than you might have expected

    Well, how else would a woman celebrate turning dirty 30?

    Eventually, the inevitable would happen

    Image: Imgur
    If only your sick really did become sprinkles…

    If you were lucky, you’d make it to the bathroom

    My family is the coolest!πŸ’•#ivebeenwaitingforthis #drunkbarbiecake #lastyearofmy20s

    A post shared by Jessica (@jesstheferoche) on

    The toilet = your new BFF.

    (with someone to hold your hair back, of course)

    My family is the coolest!πŸ’•#ivebeenwaitingforthis #drunkbarbiecake #lastyearofmy20s

    A post shared by Jessica (@jesstheferoche) on

    Generally your actual BFF, unless she was in an even worse way than you.

    But on more than one occasion, this also occurred

    Drunken barbie cake #canberracakes #drunkbarbiecake

    A post shared by Kerry Banks (@kupcakesbykez) on

    To this day you can’t look at those sheets in the same way.

    And you realised that drinking was the worst life decision you’ve ever made

    Everyone loves #drunkbarbiecake

    A post shared by Shayla Berkins (@shayla_cakes) on

    WHY did you think that last shot was a good idea?

    Your long-suffering partner would try to console you

    My birthday cake > Your birthday cake πŸŽ‚ #drunkbarbiecake #21stbirthday

    A post shared by alix nickerson (@itzal_lix) on

    Naturally, you sassed him until he left you alone to wallow.

    But you knew you were past the point of no return

    Image: Imgur
    Game well and truly over.

    You vowed that you’d never touch a drop again

    Thanks for the homemade #drunkbarbiecake β™‘

    A post shared by Emily Pearce (@eeeeeemmily) on

    Prayers were said, promises made.

    But everyone knew it was a lie

    Including you.

    Because even though it was painful, it was also a hell of a lot of fun

    Maybe it’s time to give the babysitter a call after all?

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