Aldi is bringing back their 16oz Big Daddy Rump Steak for just £4.59

aldi big daddy rump steak
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Aldi has announced the return of their popular rump steak.

The budget supermarket is bringing back their bestselling Big Daddy Rump Steak - but not for long.

We all love to dig into an indulgent steak dinner, but unfortunately it doesn't always come with the cheapest price tag.

Well now everyone's go-to supermarket for cheap finds is bringing us another winner.

Their popular Big Daddy Rump Steak is coming back to stores later this week - and it has a shocking price tag.

The sought after steak comes in at a whopping 16oz for one cut and will set you back only £4.59.

aldi big daddy rump steak

Credit: Aldi

And the extra-thick cut meat has been matured for 21 days in order to bring you a hit of flavour.

Use the mammoth steaks in one of these mouth-watering steak recipes and top with a homemade steak sauce for a luxurious meal.

Aldi suggests that the huge steaks should be cooked over a very high heat with a generous resting time in order to get the best, most delicious results.

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The 100 per cent British Big Daddy Rump Steak is back on sale today (Feb 27th), but you better be quick if you want in as the steaks won't be around for long.

They will only be available while stocks last so if you want to get your hands on them you'll have to make sure to get down to stores quick.

They are suitable for home freezing though, so if you are a die-hard fan you could stock up the freezer and then dig into them whenever you get the taste for it. Just make sure to fully defrost the meat first.

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