Our best homemade steak sauces

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  • These steak sauces are the perfect accompaniment to your homemade steak dinner. We've picked our favourite 12 ways to serve up your juicy steak - combining a whole host of delicious flavours.

    Our steak sauces are easy to make and they are the perfect match for your homemade steak dinner. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next romantic date night or you just want to switch up how you cook steak at home, these steak sauces are sure to go down a treat.

    We’ve got lots of delicious steak sauces to choose from. Try our mushroom, diane, peppercorn and bearnaise too.

    From creamy sauces for steak made with stilton to rich to heartier homemade condiments made from red wine, we are sure to have a steak sauce recipe you’ll love.

    Steak can be served with lots of different sauces at all times of year which is why it’s such a good option. If you’re going to to the effort of making your steak sauce from scratch, make sure you know how to cook your steak perfectly too.

    How do you make a steak sauce from scratch?

    Making a steak sauce from scratch is much easier than you may think. Whether you’re looking for a thick sauce to serve alongside your steak or a thin sauce to pour over your steak to give it a real boost of flavour, choose your favourite recipe below and follow the step-by-step ingredients and method to make perfect sauce from scratch.

    What are the most popular steak sauces?

    If you’re looking for the best steak sauce recipe to serve with your fine cut of meat, the most popular steak sauces (according to our good friend Google!) are mushroom steak sauce, red wine steak sauce, peppercorn, Diane, horseradish and béarnaise steak sauce.

    Homemade steak sauces