Aldi is selling half bottles of their bestselling wines – and they come in at only £2.49 a bottle

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  • It’s always nice when we start to move on from the bleak start to the year.

    And now that we’re nearly a week into February it only means one thing – Dry January is well and truly over.

    And while for some that means saying farewell to a month of not drinking with an extravagant blowout that leaves them with a New Year’s Day style hangover all over again (Dry February anyone?), others like to fall off the wagon in a slightly more controlled manner.

    Because after a month off the hard stuff, especially one that followed a festive season of non-stop prosecco, Baileys and gin, it can leave your body feeling slightly out of sorts if you jump straight back on it.

     The best award-winning wines to buy at ALDI

    So now one supermarket is giving you the perfect way to get back into your weeknight wines without letting a whole bottle go off because you only wanted one glass.

    Always coming up with the niftiest solutions, budget supermarket Aldi has added to their wine range in the shape of a selection of mini wine bottles for when you only want a glass or two.

    aldi half bottles wine

    Credit: Aldi

    Their half wine bottles measure 37.5cl, exactly half of a standard bottle of plonk, and you can choose from a selection of some of the store’s bestsellers.

    For white wine fans the bargain retailer is offering a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc that boats herbaceous and lemon flavours and is designed to go nicely with a weeknight salad or fish dish.

    aldi half bottles wine

    Credit: Aldi

    Or if the conditions outside have got you feeling wintery, you could go for their Argentinian Malbec with juicy red fruits that will go nicely with a red meat dinner.

    Or if you’re looking for something a bit sweeter (to accompany your Valentine’s meal perhaps?), their light Italian Rosé uses wild berries and crunchy red fruits to develop a dry, crisp flavour.

    aldi half bottles wine

    Credit: Aldi

    You can get your hands on the new bottles in Aldi stores across the country and they come in at £2.49 each.

    The only problem is, you might not be able to stop at just one…

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