Recipes with Baileys: 10 naughty treats to make with Irish cream

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  • If you enjoy drinking Irish cream liqueur, you'll love these recipes with Baileys.

    Irish cream liqueur Baileys is an indulgent drink most often had after a big meal or after a Christmas dessert – but have you ever thought about using it in your cooking ?

    Have you got some Irish cream sitting in the back of your cupboard collecting dust? Why not whip it out and rustle up some of these extra naughty treats including Baileys cheesecake, Baileys cupcakes and even Baileys fudge?

    If you’ve never used Baileys in baking before then you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to change your world thanks to some of the naughtiest Baileys recipes we could find.

    From chocolate mousse to truffles, these adults-only treats are perfect for sharing and showing off to your friends and family.