Aldi has launched a limited-edition piña colada box that's perfect for BBQ nights

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What better way to celebrate the long weekend?!

With the bank holiday only a few days away, it looks like BBQs and family gatherings could be on the cards.

So what better way to celebrate the long weekend than with a glass or two of your favourite cocktail?

Aldi has got you covered as they've just launched their first-ever boxed pina colada — yum!

The boxes will be on sale from today, and like all good Aldi launches, it's sure to sell out fast.

Homemade Frozen Pina Colada Cocktail with a Pineapple Garnish

Since most of us haven't been able to get away to a tropical paradise this year, the latest pineapple, coconut, and cream combination will certainly reignite your holiday spirit.

Aldi's unique box is also the perfect buy for a bank holiday party. Each cocktail glass works out at just 66p and shoppers can make up to 15 amazing cocktails per box.

Boxed cocktails are set to be the hottest 2021 trend for ready-to-drink offerings, following a 15.8% growth in sales in the previous year.

Pina Coladas are Puerto Rico's official national drink and have been crowned the UK's favourite cocktail this summer.

frozen pina colada on pineapple and cherry background

As part of Aldi's new August Spirits Festival line, which is now available in stores, the new Pina Colada box cocktail will be offered with a variety of other new summery tipples.

The new summer offerings also include a Bacardi Raspberry x LAPP Red Berry Daiquiri Kit which is priced at £35.

With the latest Bacardi tipple shoppers can whip up flavourful summer frozen cocktails in seconds.

Both ready-to-drink cocktails come in a box with a beverage dispenser nozzle, making them ideal for sharing at events and get-togethers.

And if you're out with someone who wants a mocktail, don't worry as Aldi offers a recipe for those who might not drink alcohol too....

All you'll need are four simple ingredients: 2 ice cream scoops vanilla 1 pineapple chunks pack coconut milk, 300 mL 2 cherries


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