Aldi launches special Christmas Yorkshire Burrito (and it’s a good as it sounds!)

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  • If you like burritos and Yorkshire pudding, then you need to head to Aldi this winter, because they’re launching a – wait for it – special Christmas Yorkshire Burrito.

    Yes, you heard that right. The new product promises to take ‘burritos to the next level this Christmas’, combining tender, slow-cooked pulled beef brisket in a porcini mushroom sauce, hand wrapped in a fluffy Yorkshire pudding.

    The brand new Specially Selected British Beef Brisket Burrito will be available in stores nationwide during the winter months for £7.99. It’s enough to feed five people so Aldi’s new hybrid might even be good enough for a family Sunday lunch.

    The discount supermarket took inspiration from the Yorkshire pudding wrap, a delicacy served in York that is basically Sunday roast in burrito shape.

    The innovative wrap was brought to the spotlight by BBC Radio York who shared a video on their Facebook, which was viewed 16 million times.

    The treat didn’t go unnoticed on social media, with many sharing their thoughts on the unusual creation.

    ‘I want our town to have a least three of these places. I would be in heaven as, according to my son, I don’t have blood, I have gravy!!!!’, one said.

    Another commented: ‘Isn’t anything sacred anymore, why does everything have to be on the go? Are people so busy they can’t sit down to eat? I think a lot of it is laziness.’

    The burrito meal was originally created by York Roast Co, a street food business run by a family in York, who sell the popular wraps for £6.75.


    The new burrito is a modern take on the classic Yorkshire puddings

    They often have around 60 people queuing outside their shop to get their hands on the mouthwatering treat, but now Aldi is making our dreams of trying Yorkshire pudding wrap a reality.

    Aldi’s special burrito is the latest of Aldi’s special Christmas offerings that are getting us excited for the festive season already.

    They’ve recently announced a range of eight different gins they will be selling ahead of the holidays – which the much coveted pink gin – and they’re all under £20.

    They’ve also launched three litre jeroboam bottle of Prosecco, which can be yours for £39.99.

    Will you be trying the new Yorkshire Burrito this Christmas? Let us know in the comments!