Amazon is selling a huge box of 144 Cadbury Flakes right now

Cadbury flake
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Amazon is offering an incredible bulk box of 144 bars of Cadbury Flakes for just £21, the perfect treat for summer ice creams and baking.

Amazon is known for its incredible deals on gadgets, and beauty products, but did you know you can also find bulk food deals? Amazon offers amazon deals across all our favourites, from a mega box of Jaffa Cakes to Cadbury Creme Eggs, they even sell a box of 300 Biscoff biscuits!

Now, Flake fans there is some good news! Despite the reported shortage of Flakes hitting the UK right now, Amazon is selling a huge box of 144. You won’t have to go without your favourite, crumbly treat, because you’ll have plenty to last you the summer.

For just £21.78 you can get 144 bars of Flake, delivered straight to your door. They’re the perfect thing to stick in an ice cream cone to create the traditional 99. Or you can use them in baking, and of course just to eat.

With the holidays and summer just around the corner, a big box of Flakes is ideal, you could even try your hand at making your own Ice cream, with Amazon’s ice cream maker.

Cadbury Flake 99 Single Bar (Pack of 144)

 £21.78 | View at Amazon

A box of 144 Cadbury Flakes

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(Image credit: Amazon)

The flakes don’t come individually wrapped, so no unnecessary waste, and right now they're a number one bestseller on Amazon.

Unsurprisingly, customers love them and have left plenty of great reviews after getting their hands on the giant package of Cadbury goodness.

One wrote, ‘These are great for your own dishes and for summer ice cream, this is the second box I have had. Small enough for kid's lunch boxes too. I use them to crumble cakes.’

Another said, ‘What more is there to say. Yummy Cadbury flakes. Second box ordered.’

And a third reviewer added, ‘Fantastic taste and much less expensive than single bars. It's very difficult not to eat a few before you put them in the ice cream!’

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