Asda is selling a giant Custard Cream cake – and it’s got rave reviews

asda giant custard cream cake
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An afternoon cuppa is an obligatory part of British life.

But it’s never complete without a plate of biscuits or a slice of cake to go alongside it.

And here’s where you reach the problem – because should you go for a biscuit or a cake?

Biscuits are always good because they’re prime tea-dipping material, plus there are so many moreish options to choose from (though that in itself poses a problem because it makes it near impossible to stop at just one or two).

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But a slice of cake always feels like an indulgent treat.

Well now one supermarket has come out with a release that means we can have the best of both.

And no – it’s not a Jaffa Cake.

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Leading supermarket Asda has released a giant version of one of the nation’s all time favourite biscuits – the Custard Cream.

And it get’s even better.

Rather than just being a supersize biscuit (not that we would complain), the giant Custard Cream is actually a cake!

The two layers of vanilla sponge are sandwiched together by buttercream inspired the classic cream of the British biscuit and topped with vanilla icing.

asda giant custard cream cake

Credit: Asda

And customers have been raving about it.

‘Lovely cake,’ wrote one customer. ‘Tastes just like a custard cream. So much fun and tastes amazing. Loads of buttercream and super top icing layer on top of that. Very sweet but that’s how we like it.’

‘Very enjoyable,’ added another. ‘Excellent value for money very similar taste to a custard cream this was the perfect cake for a small birthday gathering we had for my moms birthday, my son loved it. Would highly recommend.’

‘A moist cake with a good amount of butter icing in the middle,’ raved another fan. ‘It’s a fun cake as I’m sure most people knows someone who loves Custard Creams. I would recommend this cake.’

Another commented: ‘I brought this for my twin sons 10th birthday cake, everyone loved it, easy to cut up into pieces, wasn’t too messy, perfect definitely recommended it’.

Others wrote: ‘Super cake - very sweet’ and ‘Lovely looking and tasting cake’.

The previously sold-out Custard Cream Celebration Cake is available online and in stores across the country for only £8.

It’s meant to serve 16 but we’re not sure we’ll be able to stretch it that far…

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