Asda is bringing back their foot-long chocolate and caramel éclair for Christmas

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  • Christmas is here, which means that we officially have permission to eat whatever we want.

    And over the last couple of months, supermarkets across the country have been releasing decadent gastronomic creations for us to get our hands (and mouths) on come Christmas time.

    From budget store Aldi’s showstopping chocolate bauble cake, their boozy twist on a classic with prosecco panettone, their sticky salted caramel mince pies, and their nod to the European with chocolate and caramel churros, to leading supermarket Asda’s indulgent melt in the middle Christmas desserts and their supersized giant mince pie.

    With all of these dishes, there has definitely been no shortage of extravagant and tastebud-pleasing treats on our radar this season.

    And now purse-friendly Asda has done it again. They have taken a teatime classic and put an almighty spin of indulgence on it – say hello to Asda’s giant chocolate and caramel fudge éclair.

    Oh yes.

    The Asda Giant Éclair comes in at a whopping 12 inches (so the same size as a foot-long Subway sandwich).

    Asda giant eclair

    Credit: Asda

    The soft choux pastry is filled with chocolate mousse and caramel flavour sauce and is topped with chocolate fondant and caramel flavour fudge icing.

    All with a dusting of gold for a shimmery hit of festive fabulousness of course.

    Asda giant eclair

    Credit: Asda

    Asda say that the super-sized seasonal treat is able to serve 10 people, but in our case it may not stretch that far…

    Asda giant eclair

    Credit: Asda

    Fans have been raving about the afternoon tea sweet on Twitter, comparing it’s huge size to everyday mundane objects, such as an iPhone.

    ‘Finally found the giant chocolate eclair in ASDA,’ wrote one Twitter user. ‘Best day of my life’.

    ‘Anyone wanting a picture this is it compared to a iPhone 6S,’ says another. ‘Very large’

    Others commented that they ‘couldn’t wait to eat it’ and many agreed that they definitely wouldn’t get 10 servings out of it.

    We can say, we might have to eat the whole thing in just one sitting it looks that good!