Asda launches chocolate and salted caramel melt desserts for just £6

Asda’s melt in the middle Christmas dessert
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With less than a week to go until the big day Christmas is on everyone’s mind.

And the only thing that’s getting us all through this last push until Christmas (opens in new tab) festivities begin is the thought of that treat-laden feast waiting for us on the dinner table come the afternoon of our favourite date in the calendar.

Is there any meal better than a Christmas dinner (opens in new tab)? Succulent roasted turkey (opens in new tab), crispy pigs in blankets (opens in new tab), fluffy potatoes (opens in new tab) and flavoursome gravy (opens in new tab).

And then there’s the cheeseboard full of our favourite stinky offerings, sweet chutneys and warm breads.

But the crowning glory always comes at the end of the meal when we get to finally satisfy our sweet tooth.

But while some might like to fill up on classic Christmas pudding (opens in new tab) or a traditional trifle (opens in new tab), others prefer to stick to the sweet allure of chocolate. Because Christmas Day is not about eating fruit.

And we’re partial to a bit of salted caramel too.

Well say hello to your favourite new festive dessert. Supermarket Asda has released a show stopping dessert that might even top your annual home baked Yule log (opens in new tab).

Asda’s melt in the middle Christmas dessert

Credit: Asda

As part of their Extra Special range, the supermarket has released a Chocolate and Salted Pyramid Pudding – and it looks too good to eat.

The soft chocolate cake pyramid is filled with gooey salted caramel so that when you cut it open the sauce oozes out for a table centre masterpiece.

And the best news? You can get it for only £6 both in-store and online.

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‘Indulgent chocolate sponge with a golden salted caramel melting centre, complemented by a sweet star decoration and gold lustre for an elegant finish,’ reads Asda’s product description.

‘Our Chocolate and Salted Caramel Pyramid Pudding is enriched with butter for a richer, velvety sponge studded with dark chocolate chips, and is crafted around an indulgent salted caramel sauce with a golden shimmer to form an irresistible molten centre’.

Looks like Christmas dessert is sorted.