B&M is selling a YARD of Jägermeister made up of 10 mini bottles for just under £10!

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The booze deal has caught the eye of Jäger fans, who've been begging friends to buy them it for Christmas.

Jägermeister fans only have to spare a tenner for the impressive-looking 10 bottle presentation pack.

The special offer, yard-long box contains 10 bottles of 2cl each, and sets you back £9.99 at bargain shop B&M.

The deal was spotted by Facebook page Money Saver Online, who shared the premium party find with their fellow bargain hunters this week. Other deal sites soon picked up on the offer and it was going viral before long.

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The initial post has had thousands of comments, with one user joking they wouldn't be able to cope with the after effects.

Yard of jagermeister

“We would have loved this a few years ago. Way too old now I would be hungover for life,” they said.

While another joked with his friend: “Yes please mate! Just incase anyone is stuck for what to get me this year , hint hint!!"

The generous, long pack, which comes with 20cl of Jägermeister in total, could be a fun gift for fans of the spicy botanical German liqueur this Christmas.

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The same yard of spirits is also available on Jagershop.co.uk for £9.99, but you’d have to pay £6.92 for delivery.

Jägermeister, which is made from 56 different botanical herbs, is famous for keeping the party going, especially when teamed up with Red Bull energy drink.

Be warned though; it comes with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 35 per cent, so do please drink responsibly this festive season!

If you're on the lookout for other boozy treats this Christmas in B&M, you'll be pleased to know they're offering other festive tipples.

Recently, we shared the news that the budget store is also selling a shimmery candy cane gin!

The 50cl bottle is priced at £9,99.

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