Cadbury’s new limited edition Dairy Milk honour major milestone for the Queen - grab them while you can!

A bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk
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Cadbury’s new limited edition Dairy Milk bars feature an adorable royal twist that celebrates the Queen’s major milestone in 2022 - but have you tried one yet? 

For chocolate lovers there’s nothing quite like the bar of classic Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Smooth and creamy, the rich milk chocolate taste is the perfect dessert and whilst there are many retro chocolate bars that undoubtedly should be brought back, thankfully this treat hasn’t gone anywhere over the years. Perfect on its own or even used in one of the best chocolate recipes, however you choose to enjoy it, Cadbury have confirmed where to store chocolate to keep it at optimum freshness for longer. 

But whilst many people might prefer keeping to the classic version, rather than trying out new adventurous flavours, Cadbury’s new limited edition Dairy Milk is the best of both worlds. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar 360g
Enjoy the smooth richness of classic Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, with a stunning regal twist. Featuring the Queen's Platinum Jubilee emblem, this limited edition is the perfect way to celebrate this momentous year.

Featuring the same delicious flavour combined with a regal new design, this edition pays tribute to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, priced at just £3.00 for 360g. Proudly displaying the Jubilee emblem, the purple tone is not only a Cadbury staple, but a colour long associated with royalty.

The limited edition bar would make for the perfect gift or treat for the chocolate lovers in your life. Whilst the unique wrapping is also a great memento of the Queen's 70th year on the throne, giving you a little bit of history. Available at Tesco and with the Platinum Jubilee a once-in-a-lifetime event, this new Cadbury release is likely to sell out fast.

Dairy Milk Platinum Jubilee edition

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And it seems that customers are already more than a little excited about the prospect of sampling Cadbury's new limited edition Dairy Milk bars. Taking to Twitter, many have expressed their desire to seek these out pronto!

'Two of my favourite things; Her Majesty The Queen and chocolate', one person commented. 

Whilst another eagerly asked, 'Where will these be available? Any particular store in London?', before being told that these can be purchased directly from Tesco online.

General View Of A Cadbury'S Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

This sentiment was also echoed by another customer who wondered simply, 'I wonder if they will be available in Australia.'

And a fourth person admitted that though they're "not a fan" of chocolate themselves, they wholeheartedly support this celebration of the Queen's big day.

'I’m not a chocolate fan, but a huge fan of Her Majesty and applaud anyone helping to celebrating her remarkable Jubilee', they declared.

The monarch's huge milestone technically falls on February 9th, the day that she ascended to the throne. However, the exciting programme of events are set to take place over an extra four day bank holiday in June 2022. These include the eating of a tasty Platinum Pudding, following the Queen and Mary Berry teaming up, as well as a concert and Platinum Party. 

And if the idea of Platinum Pudding doesn't take your fancy, there's always Cadbury's limited edition Dairy Milks to get you in the party spirit!

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