Cadbury’s relaunch classic chocolate bar and we couldn’t be more thrilled

After 10 years being out of production, Cadbury's have announced that the rum and raisin classic 'Old Jamaica' will be back on the shelves this later this month, so keep an eye out!
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  • A retro flavour combo that some people love, and others love to hate, but wherever you stand, the iconic dark chocolate rum & raisin bar, Bournville Old Jamaica will be making a comeback later this month.

    The announcement comes after an overwhelming response on the Cadbury Facebook page when they asked chocolate lovers what classic bars they’d like to see once more.

    Old Jamaica was originally launched in 1970, however by the early 80’s consumers had fallen out of love with the dark chocolate, given so many new and exciting confections hitting the shelves.

    However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this particular chocolate bar make a comeback.

    It has  re-emerged several times as a limited addition; firstly in 1987 as part of the CDM ‘Classics’ range, and again in the mid-90’s as part of their ‘World of Chocolate’ range. Some may remember the bar from its most recent appearance in store back in 2010, when it spent a year as part of the Bournville range.

    The intense, rich and fruity chocolate bar is one to be savoured. Cadbury’s proclaim:

    “It’s the perfect choice for the more mature palettes and a real treat to enjoy, whether it be for the ultimate night in with friends, or even at a dinner party.”

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    Bournville Old Jamaica will be available in two sizes, with larger 180g bars costing £2.04, while smaller 100g tablets will be £1 each, however this may vary between retailers.

    Those who are still committed to Dry January will be pleased to hear that the rum and raisin chocolate bar is actually alcohol free.

    Bethany Wenn, Bournville Brand Manager at Mondelēz International, said: “We’re really excited to bring back the return of Bournville Old Jamaica bar. The relaunch highlights the increasing consumer demand to bring back retro flavours”.